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  • Meet Personal Guitar Teacher – Glen Young
  • Glen Young is a guitar teacher and player who has been a part of the music industry for over 25 years. In this post, we are going to delve deeper into the aspects that drive his work and that keep him inspired every day. Here’s everything you wanted to know about Glen Young!


    Who is Glen Young?

    Glen is a musician and guitarist who began performing in 1992. Knowledgeable in multiple genres, he provides guitar lessons, and also teaches music theory and violin. A bass player in a band, Glen is currently dedicating time to providing guitar classes through and is part of Karla Garcia’s carefully selected team of guitar teachers.
    Learn more about Glen Young and check out the many other, excellent personal guitar lessons who are a part of the team of guitarist and Grand Master, Karla Garcia.

    How long has he been taking guitar lessons?

    Glen’s association with music began the day he chose to learn the guitar. His dedication to the instrument made him an excellent player and then he went on to give performances. As time passed he turned his passion into a profession and began to perform, as well as teach everything that he had picked up. His areas of instruction are diverse and include, among others, fingering guitar lessons, Rhythm guitar classes, music theory, music editing, chord progression, and bass guitar training.

    What made him become a private guitar teacher?

    Glen chose to make a career in the field of music due to his passion for the guitar. Once he took up the instrument, he discovered that it was an excellent medium of self-expression. With the guitar, Glen found a way to give wings to his creativity and he chose to pursue it as a profession to help others feel the same. Today, Glen provides private guitar lessons to students all across the Bay Area and dabbles in multiple genres that depend on the preferences of who he teaches.

    Does he teach guitar to any specific groups?

    Glen has worked with students young and old, experienced and new, professional and hobbyists. He believes that music and the guitar fulfill different purposes for every individual and looks forward to helping his students discover that meaning for themselves. That is why he has been taking guitar lessons for adults and guitar lessons for kids too, along with working in multiple genres and styles.

    What does he enjoy most about being a guitar instructor?

    Glen loves watching people get influenced by music. He deeply enjoys seeing people discover their creativity through his sessions and finds that to be the best part of his job. He believes that their creativity leads to self-expression and joy that comes right from within. That is why he loves taking one-on-one classes and providing personalized attention to his students.

    Why did he choose to work with as a personal guitar teacher?

    Glen believes that a guitar learning session can be made great through two things. The first is a personalized approach where the guitar teacher takes into account all the requirements, goals, and experience of the student. The second is attention which means that every student gets undivided and focused attention during a guitar lesson to truly be able to learn. He also finds that is a great platform that provides these aspects in guitar classes. In fact, he has found that numerous people prefer to partake in guitar lessons at home and allows him to reach such students and teach them at their convenience and preference. With meeting his requirements perfectly, he found it to be a great fit for him and his work.

    Want to take a guitar lesson at home from Glen Young?

    Then visit the LocalMasters guitar page here and get started with your consultation and booking right away! You can ask for Glen specifically, or even explore the many other local experts who provide guitar classes in the Bay Area under the guidance of Karla Garcia.


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