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  • Meet Personal Yoga Trainer – Smile Owen
  • In this post, we are going to look at the ideas and experiences that drive Yoga Guru, Smile Owen. A Yoga practitioner who turned her interest into her passion, and passion into profession, Smile takes private Yoga lessons across the Bay Area. Here’s all you need to know about Smile!


    Who is Smile Owen?

    Smile Owen is a private Yoga teacher from Fremont, California. She takes personal Yoga classes and also occasionally works with groups. She takes Yoga classes all over Bay Area as part of a team of Yoga professionals who have been carefully selected by’s Yoga Grand Master and expert Yoga coach – Tasia Sabatino.

    Learn more about Smile Owen and the other highly experienced Yoga teachers who make up Tasia’s team at

    How long has she been a private Yoga teacher?

    Smile discovered Yoga in 2010 when she began practicing it as a physical exercise routine. As her interest and understanding of the art grew, she took up training for it. In late 2015, she completed her training and became a certified Yoga teacher. As part of her classes, she teaches gentle Vinyasa , Vinyasa flow, and Power Yoga.

    What made her become a Yoga instructor?

    When Smile began doing Yoga in 2010, it was primarily as a form of exercise for herself. However, Yoga inspired her to live every moment more mindful and grateful. Her initial thought about Yoga being nothing more than another type of physical workout soon dissipated. After practicing more and doing more Asanas, she realized that Yoga was not only physical exercise but also her own mind and body awareness connecting with the whole universe. She found that practicing Asanas with kind intention made her physical body and mind stronger and healthier. Given its numerous benefits on a holistic level, she found herself further invested in Yoga and chose to undergo training to become a Yoga teacher and help others discover similar benefits. Now, she provides personal sessions and even offers Yoga classes at home for individuals who want to be healthy but are bogged down by hectic schedules.

    Where did she get certified as a Yoga teacher?

    Smile completed her 200 hour Yoga teacher training program in November 2015 with Worlds Yoga. She has been teaching Yoga to hundreds of students in groups and has also been providing private Yoga classes.

    Does she teach Yoga to any specific groups?

    Smile works with everyone including youngsters, adults, professional athletes and sportspersons, seniors, and those managing or recovering from chronic or acute injuries and health problems. She takes beginner Yoga classes as well as intermediate and advanced Yoga classes. Her aim is to help everyone discover the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of Yoga, regardless of their previous experience.

    What does she enjoy most about her work as a personal Yoga trainer?

    Smile enjoys helping people discover just how good they can feel. With a strong belief that Yoga benefits the body as well as the mind, she caters her sessions to help people discover this fact. Through private Yoga lessons, she guides people to achieve their goals, while also providing holistic wellness. Being able to give people a sense of wellbeing and achievement is what drives her every day.

    Why did she choose to work with as a Yoga instructor?

    Smile found to be a great fit for her requirements due to two reasons. The first was its extended reach that allowed her to get to clients who couldn’t come to her classes. With, Smile finds it easy to reach those clients who require personal Yoga classes at home. The second was the fact that allowed for the personalization and customization in routines. This allows Smile to make every private Yoga lesson completely suited to client requirements that lead to great effectiveness and enjoyment. These two reasons were the primary ones for Smile’s decision to work with

    Want to take a private Yoga class from Smile Owen?

    Then visit the LocalMasters guitar page here and get started with your consultation and booking right away! You can opt for Smile Owen’s guided class specifically, or you can also explore the other members that make up the Yoga team carefully selected by Tasia Sabatino.


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