Modern-Day Yoga Masters in San Francisco a Health Freak should know about.

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Fondness for Yoga has increased manifolds in the last few years. It has been an intrinsic part of American society since late 1800s. Yoga is a form of ancient exercise or discipline that helps in strengthening the body and mind physically as well as spiritually. Yoga Masters plays an important role in disseminating the Knowledge of Yoga in every corner of the world through effective and simple techniques. Since they have achieved the state of tranquility themselves, they are now encouraging people to achieve the state of divinity that resides in each human being. Through their practices, Yoga Masters can expedite the progress of their students using a blend of scientific and traditional approach to accelerate the release of physical, mental, and emotional blocks, resulting in a life-transforming experience of clarity and boundless energy. Through their dedication they have inspired people to realize their true potential and facilitate the process of self-discovery.

To honor their passion for yoga and their dedication towards spreading the knowledge to others, we have listed below some of the accomplished Yoga Masters that are consistently working towards fostering the art of yoga. The list of Yoga Masters is not based on their experience or duration of association with us, but we have gathered some of the Yoga masters that are inspiring the people of San Francisco and beyond.


1) Stacey Rosenberg

Credits: Instagram@namastaceysf

Stacey is a skilled and dedicated yoga practitioner who has transformed the lives of her students with yoga postures, guidance on body, and how they can stretch beyond boundaries to live a pleasant life.

Stacey designs her service packages for both teachers and beginners in a way that allows for sharing of knowledge with a wider community and quicker acceptance of yogic learning.

Twitter – @Namastacey

Instagram-  @namastaceysf


2)  Cynthia Bates

Credits: Instagram@cynthiabates

Cynthia is a seasoned Iyengar Yoga teacher based in San Francisco who has transformed the life of her students living around the world.

She aims to transform the life of students through detoxification programs and yoga sessions that help her students get rid of acute back pains, scoliosis and neck upper back/neck conditions.

Twitter -@cynthiabates88

Instagram- @cynthiabates


3)  Robin Duryea

Credits: Instagram@robindyoga

Credits: Instagram@robindyoga

Robin is an acclaimed certified yoga practitioner who helps her students find the right work life balance with Vinyasa, Pranayama and Restorative yoga.

She runs yoga training classes for students at all levels and keeps upgrading her service packages and invigorating retreats that help them look at life with a clearer mind and enthusiasm in heart.


4) Rusty Wells

Credits: Instagram@rustywellsyoga

Credits: Instagram@rustywellsyoga

Rusty is an experienced Vinyasa yoga instructor based in SF Bay area. He has been training yoga professionals, helping them get out of their inhibitions and learn how to use voice and language to  make their teachings more effective.

Rusty offers extensive and rigorous teaching training in San Francisco. His training program is designed to boost the efficacy of yoga professionals looking to mentor beginners and intermediates.

  • Instagram- @rustywellsyoga


5) Sonya Genel

Credits: Instagram@sonyayoga

Credits: Instagram@sonyayoga

Sonya is a trained Yoga practitioner who aims to build a healthier world through public classes, workshops, trainings and retreats that help students connect with spirit.

She has designed her services to reach out to everyone. Through online classes, corporate sessions and personal classes, Sonya pays personal attention to individuals keeping in mind their physical abilities and needs.

Instagram- @SonyaYoga

Twitter- @SonyaYoga


 6) Jacqui Rowley


Jacqui has inspired the lives of many through her yoga teachings and guidance on healthy lifestyle. She is an accomplished Vinyasa flow teacher who lays emphasis on breath awareness and proper movement.

Jacqui brings years of training experience and her expertise to her service packages, designing them creatively for both beginners and experts.


7) Rosemary Garrison


 Rosemary believes in teaching yoga and accepting the learnings from the heart. She is an accomplished certified yoga trainer who helps her students heal and liberate comfortably through Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga practices.

Rosemary constantly makes changes to her private classes to help her students increase physical ability and flexibility. Through corporate yoga classes, she boosts employee relationships and productivity.


 8) Eric Shaw


Eric is an accomplished Prasana Yoga trainer who believes in offering yoga lessons in a light-hearted environment to encourage inner and outer well being of students.

Eric offers workshops and personal classes in US and abroad to both new learners and teachers. His service packages are designed keeping in mind individuals’ ability and needs to accelerate personal growth.

  Instagram- @lindisblue



9) Erika Van Gemeren

Credits: Instagram@ErikavanGemeren

Credits: Instagram@ErikavanGemeren

 Erika is a San Francisco-based yoga practitioner who teaches Vinyasa to individuals and groups. She aims to change the life of her students by nurturing their body and mind with the healing effects of yoga.

 Erika teaches full time on most days of the week and also offer private yoga classes.

 Twitter- @ErikavanGemeren

Instagram- @ErikavanGemeren


 10) Mike Richardson

Credits: Instagram@twistedyogi

Credits: Instagram@twistedyogi

Mike is an accomplished US-based yoga trainer who teaches yoga at Yoga Tree SF and organizes rejuvenating retreats throughout the year.

 His service packages are designed for both first-timers and experienced individuals looking to take their abilities a level up from Mike’s experience as a yoga and meditation expert.

 Twitter- @twistedyogi

Instagram- @twistedyogi


 11)  Stephanie Snyder

Credits: Instagram@stephaniesnyderyoga

Credits: Instagram@stephaniesnyderyoga

Stephanie’s strength lies in her inspirational style of teaching Vinyasa Yoga through which she has helped her students change their outlook and evolve into happier beings.

 Stephanie conducts numerous workshops and takes Vinyasa classes for students at all levels to assist them achieve a healthier body, happier soul and more receptive mind.”

 Instagram-  @stephaniesnyderyoga

Twitter- @stephsnyderyoga


12) Janet Stone

Credits: Instagram@janetstoneyoga

Credits: Instagram@janetstoneyoga

Janet is an internationally acclaimed expert yoga instructor based in Bali and San Francisco. She lays special emphasis on chanting, breathing and meditation to her students connect with the forces of life.

 Janet’s weekly classes at Yoga Tree Castro are dynamic and lively. She also has a vibrant community of yoga students at all levels to whom she offers online training.

Instagram- @janetstoneyoga


13 ) Alyssa DeCaro


Alyssa, based in SF Bay Area, has been a movement artist and an accomplished yoga teacher who uses music to facilitate yogic expressions.

 She offers private lessons, conducts group classes, organizes retreats and continually tailors her workshops to fit the needs of every student.


 14)  Jeremi McManus

Credits: Facebook@YogawithJeremi

Credits: Facebook@YogawithJeremi

Jeremi has been contributing to building a fitter community of Yoga enthusiasts by gifting his students a healthy body and an active mind through Vinyasa yoga practices, guidance on food and invigorating retreats.

 His service packages also include relationship coaching and couples counseling besides yoga training, all mixed with humor, personal guidance and care.

 Twitter- @jeremimcmanus

So which Yoga Master motivates your practice?  Share with us!

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