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  • Neutralize Your Pitch And Learn To Put Stress On The Right Syllable Words
  • Have you ever felt that the American English accent is delightfully complex and becomes awful for the people who are not used to it? 

    In the English language, we emphasize on grammar, tenses, verbs, punctuation, sentence-making, etc. while writing any sentence. There is something more than these aspects that couldn’t be neglected while conversing with others i.e. – ‘intonation’ and ‘syllable stress’. And, if you want to converse in English accent, intonation would go well with the advancement of your speaking skills that comes with the help of the right usage of intonation in your speech. 

    To make it a practice, you can go for an American accent online classes wherein you will learn how to use your pitch and tone to spell out the words and put stress on the syllables. Every time the meaning of the sentence will fluctuate the way you put stress on a particular word and speak out. 

    Intonation is a huge part of natural communication in which speakers need to give special attention to the pitch, stress, and emphasis on specific words, etc. Syllable stress is necessary because, without the right usage, it completely changes the meaning of a sentence and makes it meaningless.  

    For example – if you ask someone ‘How are you doing today?

    And the person replies in a very low voice, with no cheerfulness in his tone – then would you like to ask him something else further? Of course, No. 

    Hence, giving your pitch more relevance while speaking matters a lot. And, you can have a fair idea from the below-mentioned words like how the relevance doubles by emphasizing primarily on syllable words.  

    Like you will see below how the right syllable will receive the primary stress in these words. 

    • PROduction
    • proDUCtion
    • producTION

    Answer: proDUCtion


    •  QUEStion
    •  quesTION
    •  quesTIon

    Answer: QUEStion


    •  creaTIvity
    •  creatiVIty
    •  creativiTY

    Answer: creaTIvity


    •  commuNIcation
    •  communiCAtion
    •  communicaTION

    Answer: communiCAtion


    •  COMmunity
    •  comMUnity
    •  commuNIty

    Answer: comMUnity


    •  quaLIfication
    •  qualiFIcation
    •  qualifiCAtion

    Answer: qualifiCAtion


    1. QUALITY
    •  QUAlity
    •  quaLIty
    •  qualiTY

    Answer: QUAlity


    • auTHOrity
    • authoRIty
    • authoriTY

    Answer: auTHOrity


    •  AUthorization
    •  authoriZAtion
    •  authorizaTION

    Answer: authoriZAtion


    •  producTIvity
    •  productiVIty
    •  productiviTY

    Answer: producTIvity


    •  comPUter
    •  compuTER
    •  COMputer

    Answer: comPUter


    1. DECIDE
    •  DEcide
    •  deCIDE
    •  deCIde

    Answer: deCIDE


    •  unDERstand
    •  underSTAND
    •  UNDERstand

    Answer: underSTAND


    •  PHOtographer
    •  phoTOgrapher
    •  photoGRAPHER

    Answer: phoTOgrapher


    1. PLASTIC
    •  PLAStic
    •  plasTIC
    •  plAStic

    Answer: PLAStic

    You can learn all the intonation warm-up techniques, and communicate with native American speakers by using the right syllable words from the best accent reduction online courses

    Get more details about syllable word techniques in accent reduction course only at 

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