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  • Overview of Finding Errors To Create Correctly Structured Sentences
  • The importance of correctly structured sentences becomes a mystery for some people who don’t know where to use words appropriately. The correct sentence structuring in the English language is very important if you prefer to be heard by others. Usually, people do not give relevant responses if you speak incorrectly and with no proper tenses, punctuation and sentence making. Now, you must be thinking of how punctuation could be pronounced, right? 

    The truth is while you speak, punctuation also comes into play like the way you speak the sentence, and suddenly you put a slight or micro pause shows there is a ‘comma’ or if you are asking something or simply saying a statement. Everything depends on the way you speak and how well you express your said statement.  

    Meanwhile, you speak sentences, to integrate the flow of accent is typically an art which is next to impossible to showcase without a proper accent reduction training. Believe or not, a single comma and if you ask someone a question without the expression of a question mark makes a difference in your English accent speaking.  

    Hence, to let you know how well the statement should be spoken, here are some good pointers that will show how effective your question probing should be. 

    1. One of the member family has died.

    One of the family members has died. 

    2. The actor wants fame but also money.

    The actor wants fame and money. 

    3. They make the atmosphere smelly; because dogs smell. 

    Dogs make the atmosphere smelly because they smell.

    4. Tell me why did you go to the market? 

    Why did you go to the market?

    5. After reaching the office, Tom remembered his cell phone.

    Tom remembered his cell phone after reaching the office. 

    6. Exercise is good for work and both for health. 

    Exercise is good for both work and health. 

    Notice the differences in each of the statements are written and how well the correct sentences should be structured. All of this could be learned to speak in the right accent flow with accent reduction classes in USA

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