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Science Behind Effective Communication

In public speaking, a lot of times people think they’re going to complete well because they present more words than something else. That’s not true since we want more words to be heard than said.

Mar 22, 2019

Importance of Phrasing at the Time of Delivering a Speech

Quick reminders on Phrasing to help you be a better speaker – Repetitive length of sentences is boring – Use longer and shorter sentences to vary phrase length   It’s very important to go for a little bit longer and also shorter sentences. You need to phrase things so that you can feel where your […]

Mar 21, 2019

Voice Plays a Key Role in Public Speaking

Voice Inflection is one of the most important aspects of Public Speaking. It’s the biggest skill set that you need to master if you want to be a powerful public speaker.  Voice is our chief instrument and thus it’s a good idea to conceptualize the voice like as an instrument. In public speaking, voice modulation […]

Mar 20, 2019

Ways to know Voiced and Voiceless Sounds in English

In English, we have sounds that we can divide in two different ways. One way we divide the sounds is Voiced and the other way is Voiceless.   For example with the ‘th sound’ when we say this word MOTHER, it’s voiced sound. So, how do you know whether the ‘th sound’ is voiced or […]

Mar 18, 2019

How to Pronounce ‘J’ and ‘Y’ sound in English?

Do you face problems saying words that start with ‘Y’ and ‘J’? If you are a Spanish speaker wants to learn English, you will experience difficulties in pronouncing these letters. In the English language, to make the ‘J’ sound you need to place your tongue behind the top teeth and close your teeth together so that […]

Mar 15, 2019

Exercises You Can Do to Improve English Vocabulary

Having a good vocabulary will help you to improve your speech and become a more confident speaker. To learn new English words, you must understand them and be able to use the words correctly when you speak or write. Here is an exercise where you need to pick the correct meaning of the words given […]

Mar 13, 2019

Common Mistakes to Avoid while Speaking English

Difference between ‘SAY’ and ‘TELL’   Those who are learning English, often find it difficult to differentiate the usage of ‘say’ and ‘tell’. Well, there is an easy rule for this.   SAY – When you use ‘say’, you just say something. With ‘say’, you do not need to mention the person (an object pronoun). […]

Mar 7, 2019

Quick Reminders that will Help You to Be a Better Speaker

Public speaking and presentation skills can be called as an art. With persistent practice and constant improvement, one can master the craft. Here are some proven tips that you can follow to be a Better Speaker:   Pause – Subtle Pause is really important in a speech. Sometimes a pause can be more effective than […]

Mar 5, 2019

Importance of Intonation in Public Speaking

Intonation holds great importance in Public Speaking. It refers to the pitch and tone modulation of a speaker to give stress to the relevant words in order to make the speech more expressive.   Here are some positive aspects of Intonation: With Intonation, you can allow the emotion that you are bringing to the subject […]

Mar 5, 2019

Easy Techniques to Prepare for Public Speaking

Generally, people say communication is actually 10% of the words that you use. There are so many other little micro-communications with your eyebrows, your facial expressions, and your body language, especially with your posture.   At the initial stage you will tend to get nervous, and you will experience adrenaline that reflects in your body […]

Mar 4, 2019

Short Exercise to Test Your English Vocabulary

Expanding your English vocabulary is crucial for having effective communication. It helps you to express clearly and concisely, and people will understand you more easily. There are easy ways to uplift your vocabulary strength. Some of them are: Read as much as you can Learn the words that are unknown Consult a Dictionary or Thesaurus […]

Mar 1, 2019

Quick Notes on the Variations in Vowel Sounds

English is a non-phonetic language, where you have got different vowel sounds but they have nothing to do with the spelling. For Example:   Words like “Pull” & “Pool” have the same pronunciation though they have different vowels. Whereas, “Pour” & “Pool” have the same vowel but the pronunciation is slightly different. In “blonde,” the […]

Feb 28, 2019

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