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    As with all great figures in today’s generation, it takes a lot of work and dedication to reach success. And most successful adults today have been taught to do great things from when they were young. Take a look at Bill Gates and Steve Jobs for instance. These two were both go-getters from the beginning who have self- taught themselves to “create” something from nothing.

    This is what Local Masters instills in children and young adults. We have a pristine course curriculum and program with our dedicated leadership from top-notch instructors who are ready to teach your kids how to code. The classes are designed to be friendly, fun, and challenging. We like to push our students to greatness while learning to enjoy what they do. You can find out more about our program.

    Imagination and creativity are some of the best skill traits a young person can have. They are boundless in imagination and are able to freely think about situations without being told that it’s “impossible.” That’s why we have created a rigorous program that encourages students to want to actively code and build whatever they want on the digital platform.

    Just look at the video above. Our students are able to create these types of programming with lego bricks and toys from scratch. While it requires a set of traits, it’s no different than learning how to roller blade, bike, skateboard, snowboard, or any other sport. It takes time, practice and dedication.

    Programming Legos to do certain functions is a great stepping stone in becoming a great coder. It helps build imagination and builds a foundation in our young students.

    Above is another fun example of what you can achieve with programming. In this instance, the YouTuber programmed a Lego Mindstorm to solve a Rubik’s cube. This in itself is challenging but also rewarding for children. They will receive guidance and the ability to create these sort of projects on their own.

    These fun projects were built by people with imagination. We want to help our students continue to imagine but at the same time be able to bring it to life. This is how a lot of great developers start off and we’d love to coach your kid into becoming a great programmer as well.

    What people say about our kids programming course

    “Local Masters kids programming course is something that all parents should look into for their child. This course with their instructors have helped my son enjoy learning and building. He now desires to want to build and program rather than be forced to doing it. Awesome transformation and I recommend it.” – Dylan

    “Something that I really wanted to point out was how these instructors are patient and encouraging. I know that my kid can be a handful at times but they showed patience and really cared for my kid. It’s been an enjoyable experience and I will continue to take Local Masters’ services for my kid.” – Maggie

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