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  • 7 Things You Should Look For While Choosing Piano Training Program in San Jose
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    If you’re considering learning the piano, you’re probably looking for the right classes to join. Whether you’re an experienced piano player looking to level up or a complete beginner, LocalMasters can help you find the right training program in San Jose. Here are a few things that you expect at any of our piano training programs:


    • Learn the right technique – right from the beginning

    Self-taught musicians and even those who’ve had formal training often don’t pay attention to learning the right music technique. While most people can get away with just about any technique they use to play the piano, not using a proper technique can often slow or even stop their progress at a later stage during their musical journey. We take enough care to make sure that all our students use the right technique from the very beginning.


    • Personal guidance

    While group classes are fun and often enriching, music instructors do not give enough individual attention to everyone in the class, which means that many students often miss the tiny nuances of playing the piano well. This could mean a botched technique, poor aural skills, or little but persistent mistakes in playing from sheet music. All our piano training programs make sure that the trainer-student ratio is low and that every trainer is able to provide individual attention to all the students in his or her class.


    • Meet new people

    What’s fun in music without getting to know like-minded people who share the same passion as you? By joining one of our piano training programs you get interact with and meet amazing people who you can emulate and learn from, or even form a band to take your music a notch higher.


    • Structured training plan

    Quite often, music learners join a class and practice very hard on their music but they don’t know where exactly they’re going with their music practice. Our training programs include a structured plan with specific deadlines by which we aim to achieve calculated goals so that our students get the right musical training they deserve. In our classes, you’ll be able to ask “what will I be able to play in 6 months?” and we’ll have a concrete answer to that question!


    • Variety of programs

    Piano training programs should not be generic, one-size-fits-all programs that are just meted out to everyone who joins a piano class. There is a huge variety in what a person can play with a piano, and, not to forget, there are different individual goals. While someone might be interested in playing the piano professionally in the future, some others might just be pursuing the piano as a hobby and may only be interested in quickly picking up songs. Whatever your goals are, we have a plan made just for you. This means that we won’t force you to play that piece of sheet music if that’s not what you want to do.


    • Fun

    While music is an amazing art form in its own right, it’s important that you enjoy what you’re doing. (Of course, it’s precisely because most classes are boring that music enthusiasts quit halfway through their course). We understand that all of us are intrinsically motivated when we are happy doing what we do, and that’s exactly why we have a healthy mix of formal music training and other easy, fun activities to keep you motivated and energized.


    Check out this interesting video on 20 reasons to learn piano. Have fun !


    • Supportive faculty

    While all our faculty have completed formal musical training and will swear by following the right practices while learning music, they also understand that not everyone can or wants to do everything in a course. If you ever find it difficult to pick up something or if you feel that what you’re learning is not useful, you can always talk to our faculty who will design something else for you. There are definitely a set expectation of you in the course but our faculty is always there to support you in case you face any difficulty.


    In order to be sure that you’re receiving the right musical training, you should take enough care to find the right teacher. You could do that yourself, or pick from one of our piano training programs in San Jose. All our teachers are professionally vetted and you can be sure of the quality of the musical training you receive.

My name is SJ Kim and I help provide tips, tricks, and helpful suggestions to improve your skill and activities. If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to reach out at any time!

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