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    Have you dreamed of mastering the guitar? Have you always wanted to pick up the guitar and strum along as you sing and enthrall audiences small and large alike?

    Learning to play a guitar doesn’t have to be a difficult process. With the right guidance, you can make great headway in a short period of time, and go on to establishing yourself as an advanced guitarist. But, how does one get the right guidance?

    What you need is not just a good teacher, but a coach who can cater his teaching style to your requirements and desires. This is where can help. We have guitar teachers who will help you achieve your guitar playing dreams through guided, personalized, and customized lessons. You can speak to the many guitar experts waiting to help you out by clicking here.

    The best part about the experts at is that they will help you identify the guitar style that you associate with best. Then, they will guide you with the right instruction to master that style while also strengthening your foundation. So why learn the generic guitar when you can learn the style you love? Our experts can help you with any of the following styles. All you have to do is pick the one you love!


    The acoustic guitar is a style that involves playing the guitar without any electrical amplification. This is a great option for those who like playing solo and singing as they play. It also works great as part of a band. Although the list of the greatest acoustic guitar players is debatable, many people considered Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins, and John Butler to be some of the greatest.


    The classical guitar is not too different than the wooden acoustic guitar, expect that it has nylon strings instead of metal that is commonly used in acoustic and electric guitars. However, the use of a classical guitar does vary. It is primarily used as an integral part of classical music and has subtle differences in playing that produce a different style of sound. Many people believe that John Williams, David Russell, and Andrés Segovia are some of the most renowned classical guitarists.


    Bluegrass music is highly influenced by Appalachian music, and has elements of American roots, country, Scottish, English, and Irish music, along with a touch of Jazz. The guitar, in this style of music, is primarily the acoustic guitar. What is unique about it, however, is the style of playing that gives it the right tone and seamlessly brings together a plethora of styles.


    Rock is a very popular genre of music, and especially guitar. Rock can be identified by its fast, loud, and energetic tempo. Originally a mix of country, swing, jazz, and even blues, Rock music continues to maintain this blend while taking it a step further through an increased tempo and stronger beat. The electric guitar is an integral part of rock music and rock guitarists like Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix have made the rock music guitar an inspiration for numerous music and guitar lovers.


    Jazz includes numerous sounds and styles, all of which are heavily inspired by the music that came originally from New Orleans in the United States. The guitar in Jazz can be acoustic or electric, but the typically preferred option is the archtop guitar. Jazz has a sound that is unique and that often appeals to a niche. However, jazz musicians and jazz guitarists are recognized as amongst the most talented of the industry, making this genre a very popular one amongst music lovers.

    Funk and Soul

    Funk music has its origins in the rhythmic music created by African American musicians in the mid 1960s. It brings about a mixture of soul music, RR&B, and jazz. It focuses on rhythmic groove more than melody and has additions and alterations to the traditional guitar chords. Mostly played on an electric guitar, funk and soul music requires a slight variation on traditional guitar playing skills and can be learned through dedicated practice.


    Country music originally came from the southern states of the United States and included elements of Appalachian music and Blues. Today, country is one of the most popular mainstream genres of music. Country can include the electric and acoustic guitar. Similarly, country music guitarists often perform individually or with complete bands, depending on their preferred style and desired sound. With artists like Taylor Swift and Keith Urban taking this style of music to new heights, many music lovers have come to appreciate its beauty and harmony and are keen on developing skills in country music guitar.



    Blues music is one of the most popular genres of music in the world. The guitar is a pivotal part of the sound and the electric guitar is the preferred instrument. Blues has a unique touch to the many aspects of guitar playing including chords, riffs, scales, and notes. Yet, being a popular genre, many music lovers choose to go for this style of guitar.


    Metal music contains the sound of an electric guitar that is highly amplified and is reminiscent of blues and psychedelic rock. It has a loud, massive sound and is known for its guitar solos. In metal music, guitarists can be lead guitarists (who plays solos), rhythm guitarists (who play the rhythm sections), and bass guitarists (who play with the rhythm guitarists). These roles are often shared by individuals, but you can choose to focus on any one as per your own preference. Each style focuses on a different aspect and creates a different sound, with many potential musicians choosing to excel in their chosen style.


    Rockabilly is known as the classical rock and roll genre that seamlessly integrates R&B with Blues. It includes strong and fast rhythm and twangy tone variations for a sound that has a niche, but strong following. Hollowbodies were the preferred guitars for this genre, but today, Telecasters and Stratocasters are highly coveted. Playing rockabilly guitar is an art form that not too many people follow. But those that do, do so with incredible passion.


    Beginning as instrumental rock and roll music, Surf music is actually a sub genre of rock that has elements of surf culture and is predominantly found in Southern California. The guitar in Surf music is primarily an electric guitar, the sound of which dominates the music of the genre. Guitarists even used a wet spring reverb in their amplifiers to emulate the sound of waves, truly abiding by the name. Guitarists of Surf music need to develop a light hand that is not to different from Rock but that also has its own unique touch.


    World music includes elements of numerous genres including folk, indigenous, ethnic, neotraditional, and multi-cultural musical sounds. As such, the guitarists interested in this style of music have to further develop their own style, depending on the element that most inspires them.

    Learning the right style is imperative because only then can your musical passion be fulfilled and dreams be achieved. However, it can be difficult to find the right teacher who understands your musical calling and brings his own experience. In such a case, the right guidance is really important. Your very own personal guitar teacher or instructor can be the answer. And that is exactly what offers.

    Each guitar instructor at has been carefully selected and has been trained and certified. Together, they bring a diverse set of musical genres to clients keen on learning any type. Furthermore, these experts are available in your local area and a time and place convenient to you. And you even get a 100% money back guarantee. So why wait? Check out some of the programs and options at and get ready to become the perfect guitar player through customized and personalized guitar sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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