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  • Quick Notes on the Variations in Vowel Sounds
  • English is a non-phonetic language, where you have got different vowel sounds but they have nothing to do with the spelling. For Example:


    • Words like “Pull” & “Pool” have the same pronunciation though they have different vowels.
    • Whereas, “Pour” & “Pool” have the same vowel but the pronunciation is slightly different.
    • In “blonde,” the vowel sound ‘e’ remains silent.
    • Book & Rebuke – The “oo” sound in the word “Book” and the “u” sound in the word “Rebuke” might seem somewhat similar. But if you minutely follow, you’ll find the delicate difference (your lips needs to be more rolled to make the “u” sound).


    Here is a little comparison of different vowel sounds. Read out the words with the correct pronunciation.

    Book (vowel sound – oooo)

    Buck (vowel sound – aahh)

    Beak (vowel sound – eeee)

    Back (vowel sound – aaaa)

    Bulk (vowel sound – aahh)


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