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  • Which sounds should an Indian speaker focus on to reduce Indian accent?
  • reduce indian accent

    When a person considers going through accent reduction training or an accent reduction course to reduce Indian accent, the primary objective is to speak in the dialect of native residents at a professional platform, academic environment or at spiritual discourses. When it comes to matters related to achieving perfection at communicating, only a master can help you achieve that, which, in this case, is an accent reduction coach who is a native English speaker.

    Indian students are particularly known for their quick adaptability and strong learning power. However, they have their own language and a different dialect of English that has a lot of differences from American English. A lot of pronunciation differences are found between Indian speakers and Native American accent.

    Indian English is vastly influenced by British English because of decades of their rule over India. The issue is that the British English bears quite a lot of differences from American English. Let us share some examples to demonstrate how the pronunciation of some words and accents differ in American and British English.

    Final ‘t’ sound – The final ‘t’ sound means the ‘t’ sound at the end of the word. If we take the words ‘Hot’ & ‘Out’, in Indian accent the ‘t’ sound is pretty clear. But in American accent, the “t” sound sounds more like ‘d’. So, iIf we speak the two words together, it would like very much like “Hod out”.

    Now when the letter “T” is in the middle of the word, like in Matter and Water, the t sound is clearly audible. But in American English we can say it what’s the “mader” or “wader”, means the t sounds more like d. Now let’s discuss about the R sound. There are a lot of differences in pronunciation of the sound R in Indian English and American English. At the start of word in Indian English the “R” sound is frequently rolled or flapped. If we say words like Red, Really & Right in Indian dialect it seems like rrred, rrright, rrrealy (r is stretched a little). And when r is in the middle of the word it sounds like “uh”. “Word” is pronounced like “wahd”, but in American english it is pronounced like wəd. Similar in case of the word “Bird”. Also at the start of the word, the “r” sound is not rolled in American English.

    Sometimes you can notice that if the speaker’s first language is Hindi, then the “w” and “v” sound are pronounced the same. Both are replaced by the sound “V”. The words ‘Vest’ and ‘West’ are pronounced similar to each other. South indian speakers have different dialect like waist, vaist. While in Indian english V and W sounds are merged, in American English there is a quite difference in between these two. “Very” is pronounced like “wary”.


    In American English a clear “V” sound can be noticed and pronounced as “Very”. In Indian English “We”pronounced by South Indians as “Vea” but in american english it is pronounced with clear “W” sound “we”. W sound is produced like small “oo”.

    These problems are not only with you if you are an Indian speaker. These are very common among many Indian speakers who are very much skilled in speaking english. Though their vocabulary and fluency in speaking english may not very much strong but as they have spoken Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali and other Indian languages as their first language, their local accent influences the accent when speaking English also. That’s why Indian professionals in America go for accent reduction training for Indian speakers to reduce Indian accent and also  American accent training to make their speech more impressive and influential.

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