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  • San Jose Personal Trainers Identify 3 Worst Workout Mistakes
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    We spoke to a few San Jose personal trainers to find out the three most common mistakes people make while working out. This is what they had to say.

    Not planning a routine – Working out while unsure about what you need to do translates into a lack of results. You need to have a set routine that meets your requirements, does not tax you unnecessarily, and that truly helps you achieve your goals.

    Not taking enough, or taking too many, rest periods – Rest is important and you must make time for a rest period between sets. But taking too little or too much time means losing out on momentum and adverse effects on results. Hence, time your rest periods properly.

    Not considering old injuries – Injuries such as back pain or joint trouble can resurface at any point in time. Certain movements and exercises promote recovery while others bring adverse effects. Consider your injury carefully and create a routine that actually works to help you, not harm.

    Does this mean that you can’t work out unless you have in depth knowledge about everything to do with fitness and exercise? No. This only means that you need to work out under the right guidance – such as that provided by the San Jose personal trainers certified and registered with

    These experts will come to your home, office, studio, or a local center at a time and day convenient to you. They will provide you with completely customized and personalized workouts that take all your medical history into account to ensure that you work towards achieving the health, wellness, and fitness targets you desire.

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