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Classical Piano Lessons

Key Activities covered in Classical Piano Music Lessons

Learning Classical Piano is not a short time hangout, but a journey full of passion and rigorous practice sessions. The lesson plans can be segregated into two parts – classical piano for beginners and classical piano for intermediate players. And the items that are generally covered throughout the training sessions are as follows:

  • Correct posture for playing piano
  • Properly navigating the keyboard
  • Classical theories
  • Knowing to read sheet music
  • Finger techniques and pattern
  • Scales and chord structure
  • Learning how to play your favorite songs on the piano

What makes Classical Piano Lessons popular

Classical Piano is musically sophisticated and combines the passion for music with art. Students who enjoy listening to Chopin and Beethoven will develop a respect and taste for this particular type of style and music. The classical music maintains its pure form and if learned properly, can form a solid base to becoming a versatile musician.

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