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  • Short Exercise to Test Your English Vocabulary
  • Expanding your English vocabulary is crucial for having effective communication. It helps you to express clearly and concisely, and people will understand you more easily. There are easy ways to uplift your vocabulary strength. Some of them are:

    • Read as much as you can
    • Learn the words that are unknown
    • Consult a Dictionary or Thesaurus
    • Practice some fun Word Exercises every day.


    Fill in the blanks with the following words that you think most appropriate to these sentences (correct answers are given at the end of the article):


    1. After my run, I got a really bad ________ in my right leg.
    2. He ________ the punching bag.
    3. You look so ________ this morning. What’s wrong?
    4. He hobbled home through the ________ hard snow.
    5. This part of the song is so amazing. It gives me the ________ every time I hear it.
    6. He _________ in agreement at the man’s suggestion to organize a strike.
    7. I _________ you will never finish this book while you are on your vacation.
    8. What’s wrong with you? Did you see a ghost? You look so _________. Relax.
    9. The roller coaster is crazy. Its so ________ and wild!


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    Correct Answers for the above Exercise:


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