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  • Soften The Speech And Unfold The Secrets Of Pronunciation
  • Initially, the English language looks very simple, but the special tweaks, twisting and pronunciation of words could only be achieved with the right accent reduction coaching and instructor. In general, when we start learning the English language, we begin to learn from scratch. And we make it happen we learn all the rules of grammar, tenses, pronunciation, etc.  

    But, this is what it all required to become an efficient and fluent American English speaker? We guess, NO – we are required to learn a lot of things for being an American speaker. The language has certain tweaks and quirks to pronounce words.


    Why there is a differentiation in pronunciation?

    Likewise, there are certain words that have differentiation in sound and spellings. On the other hand, some words have the same sounds but have different meanings. Does this mean you never learned the basics of English pronunciation during schooling or college? Saying that would be completely rude – hence, it seems better to gauge why there is a differentiation in pronunciation.  

    The softening of words becomes imperative especially when you are making your living in countries like the USA where accent learning is essential for a flawless conversation with native Americans. There are a few words that you could try at first by breaking the text to spell correctly and speak like an American speaker to bring the unique English accent goal.  


    For example: 

    Little Better – Little Bedder 

    Black Coffee – Bla’ coffee

    Tomato – tuh-may-toe

    Zebra – ZEE-bruh

    Yogurt – yoh-gurt


    The tongue-twisting is very important to get a feel of an American accent. This is why you need to understand why softening and spelling every word correctly is necessary to converse with people in the USA. And, people in America pursue an accent reduction course to neutralize their accent softening

    You may start taking up the courses which could make you an American accent speaking pro within just 8 weeks. 

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