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  • Spanish Guitar Lessons In California
  • spanish guitar lessonsThe Guitar is widely regarded as a universal instrument that helps provide culture and life into communities. The instrument is played in an assortment of ways around the world and is used regularly latin countries. That’s why many people today seek out Spanish guitar lessons as there is a unique characteristic about playing the guitar in those countries.

    In the video above you can get a little taste of how the Spanish culture has influenced the way of playing music on the guitar. There’s a unique characteristic to it that provides flare and life into music that’s authentic to the culture.

    You can hear how the guitarist is finger plucking and strumming on the strings to provide different warm sounds into the music. And this isn’t something that can’t be played right off the bat. Rather, you will need the time, discipline, and a specialized instructor who has familiarity with the style of music.

    Spanish guitar lessons

    Local Masters currently offers specialized Spanish guitar lessons in California for students who would like to learn how to play this style of music on an acoustic guitar.

    The electric and acoustic guitars provide two different styles. Most of Spanish guitar songs are played using the acoustic guitars versus rock n’ roll which is primarily played through the electric guitar.

    The acoustic guitar is also a complimentary instrument that helps make a uniformed sound with other instruments such as the drums, tambourine, and more. It helps fill the white noice space and provides a full sound in a band setting.

    You will notice the band pairing in instances such as a mariachi band. The Mariachi is a musical expression which dates back to the 18th century in Mexico. The usual mariachi group today consists of as many as eight violins, two trumpets and at least one guitar in a unique pairing.

    Instructors who provide Spanish guitar lessons

    Karla Garcia – GM

    Karla Garcia is a Grand Master with Local Masters who is able to teach students how to play the guitar with a Spanish style of play. She is a highly experienced instructor who has taught hundreds of students with success.

    She has a highly renowned background in the art of guitar and music theory which helps amplify your skills as she provides a customized lesson. The course can be taught in both an in-person and online setting.

    Whether you are a beginner or an advanced guitarist, Karla will be able to teach you in a capacity where you will improve your abilities and be able to play at a more efficient level.

My name is SJ Kim and I help provide tips, tricks, and helpful suggestions to improve your skill and activities. If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to reach out at any time!

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