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  • Why students prefer American or Canadian coach for Accent Reduction?
  • Before going into the discussion of choosing a Coach for American accent training, let’s understand what ‘Accent’ is. What does an accent mean and why someone develops an inclination towards adopting a new accent? We all know that accent is the melody of speaking a language with a specific pitch at the combination of movement of jaw, lips, and tongue. Accent also signifies the speaker’s cultural, social, and geographical background. Though there is a change of accent in between few kilometers of difference, there must be a standard popular accent which everyone desire to adopt. As far as American accent is concerned, most individuals moving to the U.S. great desire to adopt the American accent to polish their personality and boost their career prospects.

    To look like someone of American origin is not the only reason why people go for American accent training in the U.S. Accent reduction training helps people to understand the American accent better and create and engage in more meaningful conversations. Each and every accent has its own rhythm, stress, and melody, so it completely depends on the skill of the learner how perfectly he/she can lose native accent.

    What distinguishes American accent from British accent is the fact that in American accent, words are pronounced pretty much the way they are written on paper. Almost every letter is pronounced, unlike British English, where you will find a remarkable difference between what is spoken and what is written on paper.

    If you compare British English with American English, you will find both similarities and differences. Let’s consider the letter “r”. Both British and Americans pronounce the same r sound in words like Rain, Drain, Spring, Berry, etc. Even some monosyllabic word like turn, other, learn, work, germ, farm, other, clever, etc., the pronunciation is the same and the “r” is silent in both cases. But when we talk about “t” sound there are differences in pronunciation. Table, attain is pronounced in a similar manner in both accents.

    When the “t” is at the end of a word, like in “what” & “cut”, the “t” is silent in American accent but not in British English. There is also a difference when “t” is in the middle of a word like matter, Saturday, later, waiter, water, party, etc., Americans pronounce it like soft “d” like “madder” etc. So the correct movement of the jaw, tongue, and lips can naturally to a native American speaker.

    If you are wondering whether Canadian accent is very similar to the General American accent for which the coaches from Canada may give the real taste of American accent. In Indian English, there are many types of accents spoken by the speaker coming from every part of India. So, it is the task of a coach to teach the critical features to Indian speakers to train them the American accent. Indians merge the sound V & W. It is a proper American accent coach who can teach to distinct w & v.

    Another very strong reason people prefer American or Canadian coaches for accent reduction training is the fact that a lot of people from different parts of the world move in large numbers to the U.S. for jobs or education. America is the strongest economy in the world. For such individuals, it becomes imperative they blend with the Americans and communicate effectively. This holds true for any country.


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