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  • Things to Know as a Beginner Guitar Player
  • An instrument is a great form of non-verbal communication and has helped people build themselves emotionally and psychologically. It is one of the best stress-busters and helps one unwind themselves after a long tiring day. “Sometimes the nicest thing to do with a guitar is to look at it”. But that’s not going to make it play regardless of the intensity in the “moment” created by you.


    Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Joan Jett and many more had one thing in common- they were all guitarists. By strumming their guitars and playing chords they enraptured their audiences with their rhythm, tempo and style. But these legendary artistes had one more thing in common – the fire to keep themselves passionate.


    Beginner Guitar Player


    At some point in our lives, haven’t we all picked up a guitar and pretended that we’re rock stars? However, this longing never seems to materialize mainly because we are afraid to begin, to take the first step. It is, thus, essential that we are motivated. Motivation is a prerequisite and will steer us in taking the first step. Once this is done, the next few steps will automatically follow.


    So, here are 5 steps for any beginner to learn the beautiful stringed instrument called guitar :


    1. Dive deep into the history of the instrument. Find out its origin, the material used to make it, the types of guitars, its anatomy, etc. Drawing a comparison with fellow stringed instruments will be an icing on the cake. This obviously doesn’t mean you have to pursue a Ph.D. in guitar but is essential to pique one’s interest in the instrument. A theoretical understanding is a precursor to establishing the fundamentals. Having knowledge will also generate respect towards the instrument, besides developing an emotional bond with the instrument.
    2. Listen to songs where the guitar is used as a main instrument. This will help one identify its sound distinct from others and will shed one’s tunnel vision. Listening to songs with multiple instruments will also make one realize its importance in the bigger scheme of things.
    3. It is important to have a tutor to guide the learner. There are at least three ways of doing this – hiring a tutor, enrolling in a class or virtual learning. Each has its own pros and cons. Hiring a tutor, although slightly expensive, can provide great results since the student gets complete attention of the tutor. Enrolling in a music class can provide a holistic environment where the student can understand the amalgamation of tunes from varied instruments. However, on the offside, it tends to reduced attention from the tutor on individual students. Virtual learning can help in learning guitar from the comforts of one’s home but has the disadvantage of a long gestation period. This is where one can avail services of LocalMasters for a personalized learning experience scheduled according to the convenience of the learners. LocalMasters is a great way to access reliable, noteworthy and specialized services in your local area that provide best in class services.
    4. Being consistent and practicing regularly is absolutely essential. This will keep one familiarised with the instrument. Making notes and pictorial representations will develop in a crystal clear understanding. Lack of practice will eventually diminish one’s interest in the instrument, and thus, the link between the player and the instrument will be broken.
    5. Learning, however, must not be limited to what is being taught. Exploring new tunes with existing knowledge can boost one’s creativity. Going wild with the tunes will enhance ¬†confidence and will ensure continued commitment to the instrument.



    Hobbies are one of the few things in the world with a very low cost-benefit ratio. Every new hobby requires time and indulgence. Thus, a reasonable amount of passion, guidance, and practice will go a long way in producing phenomenal results. However, it is important to remember that developing a new hobby is not very difficult. What is difficult albeit is to sustain the hobby. Sustenance will ensure evergreen and well-grounded connection. The strings, the pick, and the bridge are waiting for you. Go and create magic, rockstar!

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My name is SJ Kim and I help provide tips, tricks, and helpful suggestions to improve your skill and activities. If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to reach out at any time!

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