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  • Top 10 Health Blogs That Must Be On Your List
  • The internet is a great source of information especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition. But sometimes, too much information can be a bad thing. Not only do you not know which information to trust, but you end up with contradicting opinions and not knowing which one may be right. So, we did the work for you and compiled a list of the top 10 health blogs. With fitness tips, workouts, recipes, DIY information, and inspirational pieces, these blogs are some of the most followed and beloved in the world. Here’s a list of the top 10 health blogs.


    Good Health Is About More Than
    Just Exercise

    Every health and wellness blogger will tell you that being healthy and fit requires more than just exercise. Real wellness comes from a combination of different aspects. These include:

    Regular exercise that includes activities you enjoy

    Eating right by choosing the right foods and avoiding fad diets

    Undertaking hobbies that allow you to express your creativity

    Undertaking calming activities like meditation by Chris Kresser

    Chris Kresser is one of the 100 most influential people in health and fitness in the world, as listed by Kresser has been practicing alternative medicine for a decade and a half, a journey that began when he found himself suffering from a chronic problem that numerous doctors couldn’t diagnose. He studied Chinese and integrative medicine from Berkeley and worked with teachers and healers of multiple disciplines in Indonesia, Thailand, and USA. Applying his knowledge and experience, Chris both, practices and teaches functional medicine. His specialty is in taking a personal approach and considering that every person’s biological make and requirements are different. Chris’ blog,, addresses a host of chronic problems, fads in health and diets, hot diet debate topics, while also providing healthy tips and recipes, and overall nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness tips. The primary aim of his blog is to help people make healthier choices. You can check out Chris’ blog at

    Precision Nutrition Blog by Precision Nutrition

    Precision Nutrition is one of the biggest nutrition coaching and guidance companies. Its efforts aim at providing fitness enthusiasts and professional a better understanding and certification of nutrition and diet therapy. They also have cell phone apps and other software which allows people to use their many programs. Keeping in line with their goal to better nutrition and health, they also have a blog. On this, they publish articles that address a range of topics. These include health conditions, understanding psychology, information on supplements, information on exercise and fitness as well as details on nutrition, among others. The purpose of this blog is to provide people with enough information for them to truly understand the drive behind eating habits and make healthier habits. Furthermore, it looks at good health as the result of nutrition, healthy habits, and exercise and promotes the incorporation of all three elements in your daily life. You can check out the many articles the blog covers at .

    Wellness Mama by Katie

    Katie’s Wellness Mama blog began as a way to share her journey of moving from chemical components to natural ones. This journey began during one of her earlier pregnancies when she was forced to face the fact that her children’s life expectancy was lower due to the higher risk of cancer, autoimmune disorders, and other medical problems. In part due to the dependency on chemical products and unhealthy eating habits, this trend was very frightening for Katie as a to-be-mom. Thus began her search for a healthier, more natural life. And Wellness Mama was born. Katie’s blog focuses on natural, but practical tips of a healthy life. It covers everything from activities for families to do together to recipes, and natural cleaners to healthy eating habit recommendations. Meant to provide ideas for better and more natural living as a way to stay healthy, the Wellness Mama blog can be found at

    MyFitnessPal Blog by Under Armour Connected Fitness

    Part of Under Armour Connected Fitness, MyFitnessPal provides a series of tools that help people track their physical activity as well as eating. They have a host of apps that help in monitoring your healthy habits, workouts, and meals, and that provide suggestions to help you achieve your health targets, however diverse. Keeping in line with their central theme, MyFitnessPal also has a blog where they publish a host of articles addressing any and all topics on health and wellness. The site covers articles on nutrition as well as dietary plan suggestions. They also provide information and videos on fitness routines and exercises. At the same time, they have numerous wellness articles that aim at imbibing healthy daily habits. With a host of information that is useful for fitness beginners, wellness enthusiasts, and professionals alike, the MyFitnessPal Blog can be found at

    Peanut Butter Fingers by Julie Fagan

    Peanut Butter Fingers is run by personal trainer, fitness enthusiast, writer, and blogger, Julie Fagan. Fagan began the blog as a way to share her fitness routines, and her healthy recipes. Today, she is a contributing writer to many of the world’s leading health magazines and also runs her blog very successfully. The thought behind Peanut Butter Fingers is that everyone should live a healthy and active life, not bogged down with dietary restrictions and workouts that can’t be enjoyed. Keeping this in mind, Fagan publishes recipes that are healthy and that bring that feel-good factor. Along with this, she also publishes effective and enjoyable workouts. The main message she shares through her blog and its articles is that good food and exercise should be a part of your life not because of some compulsion, but because you enjoy both and you care about yourself and your health. Her blog can be found at


    Healthy.Happy.Life. by Kathy Patalsky

    Healthy.Happy.Life., or HHL, as it is also called, is hosted by vegan cookbook author, blogger, and overall creative entrepreneur, Kathy Patalsky. A contributor to some of the most renowned health and wellness magazines, Kathy’s passion lies in trying out new vegan recipes in her kitchen and sharing them with her followers. As claimed by her many visitors and proclaimed by Kathy herself, her blog is a great place not just for vegans, but also for those people who are just looking for good vegetable recipes. Vegetables make up an integral part of every diet, even if that diet includes meats and other foods. And Kathy’s blog is a great place to find healthy recipes for those vegetable dishes. Her motto is to live life well and be happy. And to help others do this, she shares healthy recipes, healthy habits, and life inspirations through her blog. You can find Happy.Healthy.Life. at

    The Fitnessista by Gina Harvey

    Gina Harvey is a highly qualified fitness instructor who offers personal training sessions and group fitness sessions, while juggling the responsibilities of Mother, Wife, and Blogger. She began her journey into health and fitness after losing weight herself and realizing that healthy food options were limited. That was how The Fitnessista was born. Through her blog, Gina shares workout tips, training ideas, healthy recipes, and even DIY beauty recipes. The suggestions she shares on her blog have been known to be extremely easy to follow and associate with, making it a really popular destination for fitness enthusiasts, trainers, and all health conscious people. Read more of her health tips on her blog at

    Happy Fit Mama by Angela

    Angela is a certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist who had spent a few years as a personal trainer before turning fulltime to the clinical part of fitness in Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. She has been in that field for over a decade and a half. She loves running and finds it to be her favourite fitness activity. In fact, she also fulfils the role of running coach. A mother of twins, she also loves Yoga and all things fitness. She enjoys experimenting with food to find healthy, tasty options, and she shares the results of all her efforts as a happy, fit Mama on her blog. Her blog contains recipes and workouts which touch upon an array of tastes and topics. She also offers running coach services through her blog. Read her blog at to know more about how she balances life as a happy and fit Mom!

    Delish Knowledge by Alexandra Caspero

    Alex Caspero is a nutrition communications consultant who offers nutrition and diet therapy services while also juggling the posts of writer, spokesperson, and speaker. She works with corporate houses as well as individual clients and specializes in weight management, plant based diets, and sports nutrition. Her approach is to help clients discover their ‘happy weight’ and then work towards its maintenance through healthy eating and healthy habits. Her blog focuses primarily on healthy, vegetarian recipes that address a host of health and fitness targets. She also offers a lot of vegan recipes along with inspiration pieces and recommendations on not missing out on healthy eating while traveling. Alex believes that to be healthy, you need to develop a good and positive reaction with food. This is what she aims to help people do through her nutrition therapy services and her blog which can be found at

    Mommypotamus by Heather

    Heather is a mother who began writing a blog as a way to share her thoughts and ideas on healthy family nourishment. With knowledge and information born purely through experience, experimentation, and research, she began her health journey when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that prevented her from having children. Refusing to accept that she was too weak to carry a baby, she dropped her junk food addiction and began working on learning about food groups and developing healthy recipes. Over the years, the blog that she maintained to share the results of these efforts began to gain traction. Her health improved, she had kids, and today, she uses the blog and her efforts to look after her family’s nourishment. Now, her blog has grown to include healthy recipes, general health topics, pieces on motherhood, healthy and natural beauty tips and remedies, and DIY recipes for personal products, home products, and much more. You can read her holistic blog that covers everything on natural and clean living at

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    Living and being healthy and fit can be easy if you take the right effort at the right time. Check out these blogs and follow those that inspire you the most to make the healthier choices.

My name is SJ Kim and I help provide tips, tricks, and helpful suggestions to improve your skill and activities. If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to reach out at any time!

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