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  • Top 5 Ways to Improve your English Pronunciation
  • How to improve your english pronunciation


    “What did you just say?”

    “Can you please repeat?”


    You might have heard these questions before when trying to explain something to an individual. Even when you utter the correct words, people might still find it difficult to understand you due to your pronunciation or accent.


    Since you have been speaking in a certain manner for years, it seems like a daunting task to even think about learning a language all over again. But, bringing accuracy in pronunciation is quintessential for any language.


    But have no fear, here are Top 5 Ways to Improve your English Pronunciation.



    1. Listen carefully


    Are you willing to speak well and make a mark? Then, get the habit of listening.
    It is important to listen to other people while they speak. Listen to English radio programs, English songs, and watch television and movies in English. There are some excellent video and audio guides available on YouTube on English pronunciations that you can use to improve. There is no replacement for learning pronunciation from the experts or native English speakers. Try to mimic how they pronounce certain words and figure out the meaning if the word is foreign to you.



    2. Read Out Loud


    This is meant for people who are midway in learning the correct English pronunciation. Reading out loud with correct pronunciation will boost your confidence when having conversations with native speakers. It will help you recognize the mistake and amend those accordingly. English articles, blogs, books etc. are a good resource to alleviate and improve English pronunciation. Continue reading loudly till you get the feeling of being a perfect English speaker.



    3. Record Yourself


    Try to record your conversation. As prescribed by experts – you can’t improve your pronunciation until you figure out your own mistakes. Whenever you get the chance to record just go for it. With this, you can compare what you sound like to what you want to sound like. The moment you figure out the subtle mistakes and correct those, you are improving yourself.



    4. Practice More


    We all know the saying – “Practice makes Perfect”. Try to find someone who is a master in this field or at least a native English speaker to practice pronunciation with, either in person or through online communities.  Practicing enables you to bridge the gap and encourages learning new things from each other. Pronunciation is as important to learning English as vocabulary and grammar.



    5. Find Local Instructors


    Find an expert in your area who can guide you and assist you in learning the correct pronunciation. You can also find some online and offline courses provided by LocalMasters that are exceptionally rich in content and powerful enough to improve your pronunciation. The Local Masters have spent years training individuals of all ages and from varied backgrounds. The friendly instructors will analyze your strengths, offer personalized speaking courses, work on your weaknesses and train you in a comfortable setting.



    As they say – speak English like an Englishman, speak French like a Frenchman, and speak Mandarin like a Chinaman. Learning the proper way of pronouncing English words is very important if you want to sound like you have a good hold of the language. Even if you are a native English speaker and communicating fluently in this language, there is always a scope for betterment if you find that you are pronouncing words incorrectly. LocalMasters recommends that you start early; the moment you feel you need to improve your pronunciation.  There are lots of potent trainers in our panel those who are helping individuals to make the English pronunciation skills better.


    Call for a free consultancy today at 800-316-4538.

My name is SJ Kim and I help provide tips, tricks, and helpful suggestions to improve your skill and activities. If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to reach out at any time!

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