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  • Top Acoustic Guitar Instructors In Evergreen Valey San Jose, California
  • evergreen san jose california

    Evergreen Valley happens to be one of the awesome destinations in the city of San Jose in northern California. With beautiful parks and gardens, Evergreen Valley has become one of the favorite destinations among tourists.  It also happens to have shopping centers, restaurants, and people’s fondness towards art and music.

    The Evergreen Valley area is full of talented individuals. Many people in the area seems to involve themselves in some sort of activity involving art and culture. Music has been at the forefront and the interest to learning acoustic guitar is noteworthy.

    Aspiring musicians interested in taking Acoustic guitar lessons find it difficult to connect with a local coach. To bridge this gap we have come up with a list of available acoustic guitar instructors in Evergreen Valley San Jose, California.


    Karla Garcia   |   Grandmaster   |   Availability (Flexible Time Slots)

    Michael Braun |   Evergreen San Jose   |   Availability (Flexible Time Slots)

    Guitar Wars |   Evergreen San Jose   |   Availability (11 am – 9 pm)


    The experienced Instructors offer private sessions which are suited for people of all age groups – kids, teenagers and adults.  Apart from 1-to-1 private sessions, the acoustic guitar Instructors also provides online training to those who cannot attend classes in-person. They will also offer group lessons if you are wanting to learn with a family member or friend.

    The Instructors have a track record of providing successful lessons on how to play the acoustic guitar. They are knowledgeable enough to design a truly successful plan for you. You can definitely count on these coaches to improve your guitar playing skills and techniques.

    Who knows, maybe you have a hidden talent locked away somewhere. And with a coaches help, you might just be the next big guitarist; somewhere along the lines of John Mayer and Dave Grohl. If you happen to live outside of the Evergreen Valley area, make sure the visit the top acoustic guitar instructors list where you will have access to a variety of instructors in the San Jose area.

My name is SJ Kim and I help provide tips, tricks, and helpful suggestions to improve your skill and activities. If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to reach out at any time!

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