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Private Piano Lessons in San Francisco

Localmasters is currently offering private piano lessons for students in the San Francisco Bay area. Students will learn the ins-and-outs of the instrument while receiving the necessary skillset to become a great pianist.

500+ Hours

Package Description

Here are some of the benefits of taking our private piano lessons in San Francisco:

– 1-on-1 piano training
– Private classes
– Customizable lesson plans
– Attention to details
– Learning in a comfortable setting
– Quick grasp of piano playing techniques
– Interactive sessions
– Improvement tips based on your skillset and expertise level
– Practice and timely evaluation

You will receive training and practice from some of the best pianists in the area. The lessons will be taught in a private setting in-person or online. You will be taught in a detailed manner from your finger placement to which octaves your hand should be hovering over.

These classes are for any age, regardless of your skill level on the piano. Make sure to sign up today with LocalMasters and learn how to play the Piano!

Pricing starts from: $30

No Hidden Cost. Affordable Rates.

Local Masters Who Working With Us

Duane Frybarger

Duane Frybarger, a profound and talented musician, is a known figure in San Francisco Bay who is offering Piano lessons. Since he emphasizes making music and playing songs that students enjoy from the first lesson, he has got a good fan following. Not only he proclaims to be a life-long musician, but more importantly he is excited about teaching others how to play. He is constantly improvising and recently developed a system to teach beginners to play with both hands without reading music from the first lesson. Duane’s experience in music covers more than fifty years of performing piano and many decades of composing. He also holds several years of experience in arranging and improvisation. In fact he teaches these elements along with all the basic elements of traditional music theory, including reading music notation and understanding melodic and harmonic structure. Duane understands harmony and musical theory that can help you find your own path in a simplistic and effective process.

Alyssa Young

Alyssa Huang is a talented and multifaceted Piano artist, and she has been teaching piano for over 10 years. She trains her students how to receive healing through playing hymns. Alyssa is passionate about growing and developing the passions of others and she believes if Jesus is happy with the tunes, her students will feel the divinity and essence of real music. At the age of eight, Alyssa made her Carnegie Hall debut as a first prize winner of the American Fine Arts Festival, and by age 10 she had won top prizes in many piano competitions. In 2017, she won the AFAF International Piano Concerto Competition and joined the winners’ concert tour in Russia, performing at the Moscow State Art Gallery with the Moscow Kaluga Orchestra and at the Vladimir Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. Not only a piano players, she is also a composer. As a composer Alyssa was a prizewinner in the California State Young Composers Competition and the 2014 Golden Key International Piano Composition Competition.

Fiona Cheng

Fiona Cheng enjoyed playing piano so much that she decided to become a music teacher. She holds a Master's degree in Music Education and after accomplishing her studies she started teaching piano and singing. She loves sharing her passion with everyone through music and enjoys seeing her students grow musically. Her goal is that every student receives not only a good music education, but also having fun in her music class. Fiona is a member of the Music Teachers National Association. Based on her knowledge of piano pedagogy, she plans the lessons according to the student's age, previous piano skills and interests. For young beginners, she selects fun songs from different method books and focus on basic technique since it is very important to develop correct technique right at the beginning of learning new instrument. For older students, Fiona not only select standard piano repertoire but also consider the student's musical interests.

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