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  • Transform Your Boring Presentation into House-pack Performance with Trendiest Visual Cues
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    Presentations can be really monotonous and boring sometimes, especially the corporate ones. Well, one of the reasons that make them really boring because they end up being really bad and less interesting content. Dreary reputations act as reputation killers and can transform a room full of attentive professionals into a room full of sleepy zombies, counting the number of slides or checking out their social media accounts.

    Verbal and visual cues are generally known as the audience’s sounds and reactions you may hear and see. If you narrate a joke and light hearten anecdote, you expect laughter as your feedback. You need to approach in order to make a connection with your audience.

    Wondering what verbal and visual cues are? These refer to sounds and reaction effects that you may hear by your audience. The simplest visual cue might be a little picture drawn on a sticky note to remind your audience about a tea break between the presentations.

    On the general note, these can enrich the wisdom experiences for visual learners by laying focus on another pathway to the brain. In other words, these can improve the user experience by optimizing attention.

    According to experts, visual cues are counted as a crucial part of the engaging design. Best practices for presentations, includes practicing and structuring your presentation effectively, and are important to make a quality show. The visual sounds can keep your audience awake long enough to hear it.

    Presentations can be really amazing or totally trash, all depending on your extra effects. If you have a bold presentation planned, why not start with effective visual cues. Moreover, you have a gigantic range of visual cues that can be incorporated into your presentation.

    Let’s explore some of the trendiest visual cues that can be used in a presentation:

    Emotional Infections

    One of the most effective and popular cues are emotion-sounds. Well, there are two basic concepts that work for this. First, if you are not emotionally attached to something that you are presenting, you are not the right person handling it. Secondly, emotions are the best fillers for presentations because they create a strange, yet an effective connection between the person presenting it and the audience.

    You can infuse excitement sounds at the moment of peak point in a presentation or get angry with the slide demands. This will not only put real texture behind your words but also add some really valuable power in your presentation. In addition to this, without having emotional ups and downs, you may make your presentation sound like a robot reading it.

    Power of Loud and Soft Tones

    You really need to understand the fact that having a single constant tone can bore your audience, thus, you need to experiment with your sound. Some sections on your presentation are more compelling and more effective than other sources of icebreakers. You need to use the right balance of loud and soft voice to accentuate the much-needed difference in your presentation.

    You can add some high note volume when you want to create a hype among the audience. And, the best part this really works for all types of presentations and audiences.

    Add Some Interesting and Short Video Clips

    Undoubtedly, videos are particularly an awesome source for training or language training purposes. You can embed essential and vital points with the help of short video clips into your PowerPoint presentation to make a point. Moreover, this practice is getting trendier with the inception and the increasing popularity of YouTube. And, smartphone – made recording and editing videos – are icing on the cake.

    Go for Vintage Sound-Effects and Images

    Giving a vintage look for your presentation is the most creative way of creating a buzz among your audience. But, before you use the vintage theme in your presentation, you need to understand the small details. Another creative presentation idea is the vintage look. This could work really well with a history-themed presentation or anything to do with recuperating old traditions. When it comes to vintage, it means sepia-toned photos, bold fronts and intricate image frames. You can even choose pastel colors and old school fonts.

    Use Motion Graphics

    Illustrating an idea with animated objects is a great way of expressing any complicated or simple idea. No doubt, motion graphic don not necessarily narrate a story, rather they show the movement of a process.

    Visual clues play a protagonistic role in making any boring or languid presentation interesting and engaging. The key takeaway is to remember that your audience reaction plays out in real time, and you need to connect with your audience. These cues can include special sound effects, motion graphic, small video clips and much more.


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