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  • Useful Information About How To Master The Native American English Accent
  • American Accent

    Accent Reduction is a systematic and fast approach to learn a new accent for a native language. The core idea behind this process is to enhance the linguistic power in the world.

    It would be wrong to assume that accent reduction training is conducted because one accent is better than the other. The primary reason for accent reduction training is if your accent creates some sort of barrier while communicating.


    How to Figure Out that You Need Training for Your Accent?

    In case, English is your second language and you frequently experience difficulty to communicate with the locals, it’s time to pursue accent reduction training. In addition to this, if you feel that your accent is creating a communication barrier, you must work on modifying your accent. With these entire scenarios, accent training becomes a pivotal step to boost your confidence and career graph.


    How to Improvise American Accent?

    Around 800 million folks are English speakers, and most the English speakers are not native speakers. It is generally observed that the recognizable American accent is what English learners commonly seek to learn.

    It is the sound and technical aspect of English letters that make a noticeable difference. For instance, Americans pronounce the “r” in words such as “hard” (har-d). Whereas, non-rhotic speakers would say “r,” and would pronounce the word “hard” like hah-d.

    Some more features of the American accent include:

    • The short “a” sound well-known in words such as “man” and “cat”
    • The usage of an unrounded (relaxed; slack) vowel in some popular words that include “lot” (pronounced “laht”)
    • Drop words. American English Speakers uses shortened sentences, entails words without actually saying them.
    • Regional Differences in Accents across North America

    It is a well-known fact that American accent varies in various regions. Whether you are in the Southern U.S., New York City or California, the locals have a different saying.

    In simpler words, the major difference is the sound and pronunciation of the words.

    When it comes to the Southern Accent, it is known as “Southern Drawl” or “country accent.” Their accent is quite slow with small words in comparison to Northern Americans. Southern have successfully found their way into American speech all over the country. Southern pronunciations of words comprise git (get) and lemme (let me).


    What are Ways to Achieve Accent Reduction in America?

    There are some easy, yet simple ways by which an individual can attain accent reduction. Some of them are listed below:

    • Watch American TV shows or listen to American music
    • Interact with native English speakers frequently (detailed conversation)
    • Take help from native speakers
    • Watch YouTube videos or listen to recorded episodes
    • You can take home lessons with an experienced and native trainer
    • Opt for online courses from various popular websites (the affordable and easy way)

    Generally, people find online courses are most comfortable for them. They can enjoy the flexibility of time and have a massive range of choice of selection in terms of the coach. You can even go through the sample training chat and videos with several coaches.

    Learning a new accent is not a daunting task, but it comes with several other high and low points. You can learn a new language to boost your confidence and improve your linguistic aspects. It is important that you figure out pocket-friendly and easy ways such as online training, home trainer and offline course. But, it is essential that you analyze various aspects and understand your loopholes and positive phases.



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