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  • Ways to know Voiced and Voiceless Sounds in English
  • In English, we have sounds that we can divide in two different ways. One way we divide the sounds is Voiced and the other way is Voiceless.


    For example with the ‘th sound’ when we say this word MOTHER, it’s voiced sound.
    So, how do you know whether the ‘th sound’ is voiced or voiceless? Well, if you put your finger right on your throat, you’ll feel like a vibration at the time of pronouncing the ‘th sound’.
    Now, if you say the word CLOTH do you feel the vibration on the ‘th sound’? You will not because you’re pushing the air while making the ‘th sound’.


    English has literally 14 vowel sounds. For beginners, it’s not really easy to know every word and its pronunciation. With practice and doing regular exercises, you will be able to acquire the required knowledge.
    For example, how do you pronounce these words TOWN
    and WINDOW? If you notice both the words has the same vowel ‘o’. So TOWN has more of ‘aaaa sound’ while WINDOW has a clear ‘oooo sound’.


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