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  • Here Is When You Will Need Accent Reduction Training! Choose A Professional Instructor
  • Accent Reduction

    Language is the medium to express your thoughts and ideas.

    According to different geographical locations and cultures, different languages have been developed. But when it comes to English, it is the most popular language in the world.

    Both native and non-native speakers use this language as an official and non-official mode of communication. So, it is influenced by the accents of various regions.

    When it comes to popular English accent, the American or British Accent wins the race. But, working professionals and students find it difficult to figure out, whether they need accent training. This article will help you make a decision and flourish in your accent goals.


    What are the signs that you need Accent Reduction Training?

    It’s been quite an obvious question whether you need an accent reduction training to sharpen your spoken English. But, there cannot be a “yes” or “no” as an answer to this question.

    English is a language spoken by almost one-fourth of the population. So there must be a chance of local accent influencing English. There is a general or popular English accent which everyone wants to adopt.
    This is due to the professionalism that tends to change the accent for working professionals which can influence or make you different at your workplace.

    Do you face communication problem with American Accent?
    – Are you misunderstood or asked to repeat while you speak?

    Then, even if you feel less stressed while speaking in English, you need to develop your accent. You need an accent reduction coach who can find out the flaws in your accent when you speak and eradicate the local influence and replace it by American or British accent to make your communications more impressive.

    If you are working on an international platform, and you are meeting and communicating to a large group of people frequently, your profession also demands accent reduction training.

    If you are a voice-over artist or an actor, you need to refine your accent while you speak English and add native accent to your voice.

    People from outside the US frequently visit to deliver speeches or training on certain subjects, they also choose to take accent reduction training so that they can express their thoughts in a better way.  

    If you are a student and aspiring to be enrolled in any US universities, you need to develop a native English accent.

    Some students and job aspirants face hurdles while they try to clear some interview due to lack of confidence in communication. Yes, they should take Accent Reduction training seriously. They should find a good teacher who can reduce their accent and give them good confidence while speaking. Definitely, after this training, you can speak in a native American or British accent.


    The Science behind Accent Reduction Process

    We can say there is no general accent or standard accent. Some accents are less popular and some are more popular like native American or British accent. Though the same English is spoken by many people it is hard to understand due to the influence of the mother tongue.

    Now, the thought of learning accent which is understood by a large group of people comes to play. And also people try to adopt the popular American or British accent and style of speaking which gives glitter to their personality.

    Not only some professionals visiting America but also students highly desirous to learn American accent so that they can have more self-confidence while speaking. And therefore, they tend to search for the best teachers who can give them accent reduction training.

    Generally, non-native English speakers face to utter words that have sounds like “th” “v” “w” “r” and “t”. It also takes time to master the native American accent. That’s why teachers say it is easy to teach accent to a baby than an adult. This is because; babies quickly follow the movement of the jaw, lips, and the stress given while pronouncing various words. But, in case of adults, their Jaws, lips, and pitch of speaking have been already in a developed state that they need to change. So it needs patience and time to learn the American or British accent.


    How to choose the perfect accent reduction coach?

    Before you think about an accent reduction coach you should find it out why you need accent reduction training.

    The intention behind the aspiration is to get used to the native English accent in a proper way for benefits in the long run. If you are a working professional and need to refine your accent to build a good image while communicating in the corporate sector, you must see for a teacher who is training or have some experience with corporate people.

    • Try to gather sufficient information about your coach.
    • Know his/her experience teaching professionals or students. Check if the coach has already worked as an accent trainer.
    • Choose a coach who has experience as a communicator or a public speaker.
    • Select one who can understand you and your communication problems and the technical issues you face.

    Though there are many coaches who are providing accent reduction classes, everyone may not be fit for your needs. Each coach has their own self designed teaching style. The materials they supply for practice, professional experience, student’s review, and referrals are the things you should check before you go with someone.

    Some coaches provide free trial classes so that you can analyze, study and understand if the coaching style is perfect for you or not. There may be many excellent coaches for accent reduction training but looking at your needs you should choose one pertaining to your requirements.

    Try LocalMasters !


    Frankly speaking, no one speaks any neutral accent. Everywhere you can find a touch of the local culture. But in many cases, you face problems pronouncing some sounds as they are not present in your first language. So you adopt a nearby sound which is available in your accent, which after long practice becomes your accent and it becomes tough to give it up. Thus a good teacher can guide in a smarter way to give you some tricks and tools to reduce your accent and help you pronounce the proper sound.

    There is a need of an instructor who can really help you to refine your accent, shape the way you talk, pronounce properly and go ahead with your business tasks. So you have to search and find such kind of accent reduction coach who must have good experience in teaching people.

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