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  • Why A Regional Accent Might Act As A Hindrance In Your Career Growth?
  • Just wonder about the situation – if you are unable to crack an interview, or grab the job, or not being promoted to the desired designation due to the effect of your regional accent – what will you do? This is a common phenomenon especially for professionals who do not speak in native American/British accents. 

    In today’s globalized and competitive world, the impact of effective communication always lasts forever in the minds of the employer. Many young professionals working abroad or in multinational companies are deprived of achieving their career goals due to their inability to speak with a proper accent which acts as a hindrance in their career growth.  

    Why does the regional accent receive more criticism at the workplace?

    Organizations give more weightage to native American or British English accent speakers or those who are fluent in speaking with a proper English accent. Non-native speakers assume that their flaws in work performance keep them behind the scenes, but actually, they lack in speaking with the accent which is familiar to the American or British culture.   

    The core reason behind lacking in career growth is often responsible for not overcoming regional accent which perhaps is non-understandable by others. This acts as an obstacle in career growth at most of the workplaces, especially in the USA or UK.    

    This mostly happens because communicating in a proper English accent is one of the primary requirements that are needed to be fulfilled when appearing in an interview or to work with foreign clients, franchise partners or colleagues. The discrimination for non-native speakers over native speakers are more evident at every place at American or British accent speaking workplaces.    

    Simply, the question arises about what trouble-making circumstances are usually faced by professionals who influence the regional accent. Let us discuss the challenges below: 


    • Inability to speak in a proper English accent  

    Speaking flawlessly is the primary requirement to succeed in the workplace. And, professionals who do not make an effort to learn fluent English accent usually face criticism for not being able to speak the American or British accent.   


    • Unappealing pronunciation

    If you are working in customer care, sales, or marketing teams – most of these profiles have to converse with every kind of customer coming their way irrespective of their accent, culture, and profession.  

    So, your proficiency is evaluated the way you pronounce the words and turn up the customers to become buyers of the company’s product and services.    


    • Repetition of the sentences

    Most of the professionals who do not know the English accent speaking techniques, they try to repeat the same sentence in different ways or speak half or broken sentences as they do not gauge what they should answer in response to the other person.

    It affects their career growth and due to accent problems, they are unable to take a step forward in the career ladder.  


    • Lacks proper articulation and intonation –

    Another major factor that acts as a hindrance in career growth for those professionals who lack proper articulation and intonation. 

    To speak in a native English accent, one must know how to articulate their lips, tongue, and teeth to enunciate correctly. Along with it, proper intonation is crucial since stress/emphasis on certain words can tweak or change the meaning of a sentence. 

    A professional lacking these skills is unable to establish effective communication. Also, despite performing well in the workplace, they do not get recognized due to these missing elements in their speech. 


    Understandably, mastering the proper English accent (native American or British accent) cannot be achieved in a single day. An individual must take the challenges seriously if he/she wants to grow in his/her career and leave a positive impression on employers. 

    To get rid of the regional accent, there is a robust LocalMastersAccent Training program that has special courses for professionals that can be booked as per one’s preferred time slot and choice. 

    Book your free trial at and overcome accent speaking hurdles coming in between your career success.

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