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  • Why do Students Prefer an American or Canadian Coach for Accent Reduction?
  • accent reduction

    An accent is counted as the true essence of a language. It is the sound and the pronunciation of certain words that give any language the core ground.

    Well, if you are planning to learn a new language to improvise your personality, hiring an accent reduction coach would be a must.

    Generally, any learner seeking dialect assistance for English, they prefer to go for American or Canadian coach. The reasons behind this notion are simple, American and Canadian have an upper hand on accent than a French or Chinese speaker.

    These professionals help you grab knowledge about the grammar, vocabulary and pay close attention towards the pronunciation of the words. You need to understand the basic rule that people learning a second language, they speak it while borrowing sounds from their native language.


    What is the need to hire a professional to tackle the problem of English Accent?

    A non-native speaker can face a glass ceiling, when it comes to accent problem. For instance, a native American English Speaker may find pronouncing certain English words a piece of cake. On the other hand, the same words can be a tongue twister for non-English speakers. So, regular practice and daily usage of language play a key role in fluency.

    Hiring the right professionals to reduce your native accent can add an edge to the entire process. Some of the positive factors of going for an American or Canadian coach are listed below:

    • Enables you to understand the linguistic aspects in a better or sort-after way
    • Boosts your vocabulary and common idioms in the right direction
    • Offers specific examples and targeted analysis of how English is spoken in the US
    • Helps you learn carry-over patterns from other languages that may influence their ability to reduce the native accent
    • Enables you to learn how to accelerate changes so that they can speak more effectively and clearly with less effort
    • Allows you to identify the vowels, sounds, and sentence structure
    • Introduces strategies, techniques and practices’ hacks to enact and sustain linguistic complexities

    A trainer, who has in-depth knowledge about the English language, can take your accent modification process in a different direction. It is essential that you not only acknowledge the tips and rules, but also practice them in the right direction.

    And, for all this to take place the perfect way, finding a coach, who has an incredible command over the language is a must. Indeed, it is a wise call to go for an American or Canadian coach, rather than hiring a native coach.

    It comes as no surprise that accent comes from the locality a speaker is been nurtured, so an American coach need not modify their natural American dialect. In addition to this, make you understand the sounds of vowel and consonant in an easy manner.


    How can a Native American Coach Boost Your Accent Reduction Process?

    If you think that you can reduce the native influence on your accent by just listening to good speakers, you would already have a perfect speech by now. That’s why you need help from a professional. Furthermore, spend time in memorizing the sensations and placements of the American sound in order to set you ahead of the game.

    Well, it is generally observed that attaining the American or Canadian accent is an overwhelming experience. The reasons behind these are many, the complexities associated with this practice, an array of details to be focused, paying extra attention and many more.

    Accents have their specific pitch, movement of lips, jaw, and tongue, dialect and sound specific meters. Moreover, the speaker’s cultural, geographical and social background signifies the speaker accent. Indeed, going for American or Canadian coach for improvising accent reduction is the right decision.


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