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  • Exercises and Foods To Reduce Belly Fat
  • In our last post, we looked at the four pronged approach you need to take to be able to lose belly fat. The primary aim is to target fat in general and you will notice that belly fat is one of the first to start showing a difference. In this post, we will look at the exercises that aim specifically for fat loss, and the foods that aid this journey.

    Exercises to boost fat and belly fat loss

    While weight training and cardio both have their pros and cons, one needs to strike a balance that suits them best between the two. However, there are certain exercises that are specifically useful for weight and belly fat loss. These include the following.


    The best part about running is that you don’t need any equipment to get started. You can simply lace up your shoes and head out the door. Running at a regular pace can lead to 600 calories being burnt per hour. You can increase this amount by increasing your pace or intensity. And if you haven’t run before, you can begin by going for a slow jog or alternating between running and walking as you complete your target.


    High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is perfect for people who don’t have too much time to spend in the gym and yet, need to lose weight. Through a focused, high intensity routine, this workout ensures that you burn maximum calories while working out. It also ensures that you continue to burn calories after your workout through excess post-exercises oxygen consumption. As a result, your weight loss efforts are maximised and belly fat reduces quickly.


    Spinning is a great exercise as it skyrockets your fat loss. At the same time, working out in a group leads to greater motivation and makes you push yourself harder. This also makes the exercise more enjoyable. As a result, you have increased fat loss during the routine, continued motivation to keep going, and impetus to push harder and harder every time.

    All these exercises are great for fat burning. However, not everyone can partake in them due to their lack of experience, physical limitations, medical problems, or simply a lack of motivation. Does this mean that you should forget about losing fat, especially that belly fat that you so stubbornly want to lose?

    Absolutely not. In such a case, you can rely on exercise sessions and workouts designed by personal trainers who will provide you with the right plan, motivation, and technique. This will ensure that you don’t aggravate any existing problems and still get rid of that belly fat in no time. has a group of such personal trainers who have been carefully selected and certified. These personal fitness trainers will work with you as they help you get started on your own fitness and exercise routine that is customized to your requirements, and that is fulfilled under complete and personal guidance. Click here to know more about these fitness experts waiting to help you out.

    Foods the boost fat and belly fat loss

    While exercise needs to be a part of your daily schedule in the perseverance of fat loss, your diet also needs to be looked into. In fact, your diet is one of the most important factors when it comes to losing belly fat. Some foods are healthy for you, ensuring that they do not add any extra weight to you. Some foods are unhealthy and do the opposite. Additionally, some foods help boost your metabolism and increase fat loss. Let’s look at some of these.

    Plain Greek Yogurt

    Non-flavored Greek Yogurt is great as an addition to your diet or as a snack and does not add any fat to your body. It is high in protein, Vitamin D, and calcium. At the same time, it is great for digestion and keeps your gut healthy and functioning perfectly, which aids in the fat loss process.


    Asparagus contains a lot of vitamins and is a natural diuretic. This means that it shows immediate effect through reduced stomach bloating. The only point to remember is that you can steam, sauté it with olive oil, boil, or grill it, or even eat it raw – however, don’t add butter to it as that will counter its fat busting effect.


    Quinoa is a grain that contains proteins and good carbs. It goes well when paired with healthy fats like oils or pumpkin seeds. It is also a slow digesting carbs which means you do not feel hungry very often, therefore keeping off the unhealthy snacks.


    Vegetables need to be an important part of your diet when trying to burn belly fat. Broccoli should be at the top of this list. Broccoli has a low calorie, but high fiber count. It is also high in iron, Vitamin C, and calcium, which increases muscle and bone health as well as immunity. Furthermore, its high fiber content means it will keep you full for longer and reduce your dependency on unhealthy snacks.


    High in anti-oxidants, blueberries are some of the best fruits to have when trying to lose belly fat. They add healthy sweetness to protein shakes or other smoothies, and help in muscle recovery too. Furthermore, the anti-oxidants they contain have been known to control the build-up of belly fat.


    In spite of its high protein content, Salmon is often overlooked due to the fact that it contains more fats than other protein rich foods. But the fats in Salmon are, in fact, healthy and good for the body. In addition, it has a good amount of Omega 3. When coupled with exercise, Salmon has been known to bring about great fat loss results.

    Green tea

    Green tea is known for its anti-oxidants and fat reducing properties. It is low in calories and the anti-oxidants it contains have been proven to increase metabolism and aid in fat burning. This is especially true of belly fat. Combining green tea with a regular exercise regime works better than only including the drink in your diet but skipping out on exercise.

    These are the many foods that can aid your journey to losing that stubborn belly fat. If you’re unsure about which foods are good for you and which aren’t, you should consider consulting a personal nutritional therapist. In fact, the personal trainers at also provide diet consultations as part of their programs. This means that not only will you know which exercises you need to do, but you will also have a diet plan that will speed up your weight loss process. And, you’ll see your belly fat disappearing in no time.

    In fact, gives you a 100% money back guarantee. So why wait? Check out some of the programs and options at and learn more about our dedicated fitness trainers by clicking here.

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