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Can you answer these mind boggling questions asked in Apple job interview?

One of the most sought after companies to work for, Apple Inc. is well known for its grilling interviews. From most difficult technical questions to tricky puzzles, their interviews keep the candidates on their toes. Here are a few of the toughest questions candidates were asked for their Apple interview (Information source: Let’s see […]

Dec 3, 2019

What is the Timeframe to Reduce Native Korean Accent?

Korean is one of the most complexes, yet a popular language is spoken around the world. Well, learning a new language can be a daunting task for you, but reducing the accent can be a more complicated aspect. When it comes to Korean language, reducing accent can be a little time consuming because there are [...]
Jul 10, 2019

Why it is a Daunting Task to Learn American English Accent for Indian Speakers?

English can be crowned as the second most popular language spoken by the people of India. Moreover, English is been transforming as a language of the millennium. Generally, it is amused that it is a daunting task for people with an Indian accent to speak and understand the American accent or vice versa. The reason [...]
Jul 9, 2019

Do You Know The Science Behind Accent Reduction Process? Find Out!

Language is a powerful and connecting source for interacting with people and expressing thoughts. If the world didn’t have the set of languages to connect, the world would be in a chaotic state. Luckily that is not the case. When it comes to English, it is one of the most spoken languages in the world. [...]
Jul 3, 2019

Useful Information About How To Master The Native American English Accent

Accent Reduction is a systematic and fast approach to learn a new accent for a native language. The core idea behind this process is to enhance the linguistic power in the world. It would be wrong to assume that accent reduction training is conducted because one accent is better than the other. The primary reason […]

Jul 2, 2019

Transform Your Boring Presentation into House-pack Performance with Trendiest Visual Cues

Presentations can be really monotonous and boring sometimes, especially the corporate ones. Well, one of the reasons that make them really boring because they end up being really bad and less interesting content. Dreary reputations act as reputation killers and can transform a room full of attentive professionals into a room full of sleepy zombies, […]

Jun 29, 2019

Real Accent Challenges Faced by Korean Speakers

Learning a new language is an interesting task when it can be really overwhelming. If you travel from one geographical location to another, you can figure out that the sound changes after a few kilometers. Every language has its own accent and sounds, but improvisation and reduction of accent can be a demanding task. English […]

Jun 29, 2019

How to Find the Right Companion for Your Accent Reduction Journey? – An Ultimate Guide!

According to Wikipedia, “Accent Reduction, also known as elocution, accent modification or accent neutralization, is a systematic approach for learning or adopting a new accent. It is the process of learning the sound system (or phonology) of a language or dialect”. In order to simplify, accent reduction is a systematic approach to learn a new […]

Jun 28, 2019

What Are The Indications That You Need Accent Training?

“Accent modification or neutralization, is a systematic approach for learning or adopting a new speech accent” according to Wikipedia. In other words, it is the process of learning phonology and melodic intonation of a specific language, so that non-native speakers can communicate without any linguistic hindrance. Sometimes learning a new language can be an overwhelming […]

Jun 27, 2019

Decode the Effective Keys To Soften Your Russian Accent

A thick Russian accent is tough to understand. If you have an authentic Russian accent and want to add some softness to your pronunciation, you can do that by following certain rock-solid tips. Adapting a native pronunciation is an overwhelming task and it comes as a no-brainer. But, the things get more complex, when you […]

Jun 26, 2019

Can You Develop Native American Accent through YouTube Videos and Movies? – The Million Dollar Question!

Are you tired of studying from textbooks for long hours and not coming up with jaw-dropping outcomes? This blog can offer you an amazing solution to this problem. With the inception of technology, the idea of learning has been deconstructed. And, this notion has resulted in coining the scenario of online learning. YouTube is been […]

Jun 26, 2019

Why do Students Prefer an American or Canadian Coach for Accent Reduction?

An accent is counted as the true essence of a language. It is the sound and the pronunciation of certain words that give any language the core ground. Well, if you are planning to learn a new language to improvise your personality, hiring an accent reduction coach would be a must. Generally, any learner seeking […]

Jun 25, 2019

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