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  • 10 Proven Tips To Make Structured Sentences Properly
  • The English language has several rules that include punctuation, grammar, tenses and of course, the right sentence structuring is the core heart of English punctuation. As we all know, if we do not write or speak correctly, do we able to express our thoughts clearly to the person we are communicating with. Of course, the answer is NO. 

    While people think that focusing more on learning accent reduction techniques could cover up their grammatical errors or sentence structuring issues. However, when a person doesn’t know what and when to utilize the right word, and does not know the right placing of words in a sentence – that’s where he/ she lacks in making right sentence structuring.   

    Taking accent softening training is the one sure solution for people who are looking to learn tips for reducing native English accent tone and to learn the flow of speaking American accent by using right sentence structuring. Along with the ability to know the right sentence structure making, the use of taking a breath at several instances is equally imperative while speaking the sentences in an English accent

    To give you a few examples, have a look at the below mentioned 10 pointers which will give you a clear idea about using words at appropriate places without ruining the essence cum meaning of the sentence.

     1. The/ dog/ crawled/ on the/ vacuum/ when/ the/ light/ switched/ on.

    When the light switched on, the dog crawled on the vacuum. 

    2. Explained/ Luke/ why/ late /for/ he/ was/ class. 

    Luke explained why he was late for class. 

    3. You/ why/ late/ home/ for/ reaching/ were. 

    Why were you late for reaching home?

    4. Did/ lie/ your/ teacher/ to/ you. 

    Did you lie to your teacher?  

    5. Brother’s/ stolen/ has/ been/ my/ cell phone/ from/ market/ the. 

    My brother’s cell phone has been stolen from the market. 

    6. Will/ together/ I / and / go/ you/ she/ to/ movie/ watch/ the.

    Will you, she and I go to watch the movie together.

    7. Parents/ her/ allowed/ her/ to/ go/ friend/ with/ her.

    Her parents allowed her to go with her friend.  

    8. Homework/ need/ to / finish/ you/ the/ evening/ by. 

    You need to finish the homework by evening. 

    9. Movie/ went/ see/ to/ the/ night/ last/ we. 

    We went to see the movie last night. 

    10. What/ you/ here/ for/ are. 

    What are you here for? 

    The understanding to make the exact sentence structuring and taking breaths at the same time is very critical which one could learn with the help of an accent reduction course

    To make the most of English accent pronunciation, get the accent reduction online course details at




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