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  • 10 Quick Tips For Reducing Your Accent
  • Accent Reduction
    Many people believe that eliminating an Accent is tough. But, with the right training and guidance, it’s actually quite achievable. Following the tips shared by the Instructors, the influence of your mother tongue will no longer be a stumbling block in reducing your accent.


    10 Quick Tips for Accent Reduction
    • Observe the mouth movements of native speakers and try to practice.
    • Know how to maneuver the tongue and lips to pronounce various words.
    • Make a list of frequently used words that are difficult for you to pronounce and ask your Trainer to pronounce those for you.
    • Pay attention to every stressed syllable.
    • Record your own voice and listen for pronunciation mistakes.
    • Slow down the pace of your speech, until you learn the correct intonation and rhythm.
    • Use an Audio Dictionary App and listen to the pronunciation of different words.
    • Listen to Audio-Books in English.
    • Read aloud in English for 30 – 40 minutes each day.
    • Take a personalized Accent Reduction Training


    LocalMasters has been successfully providing ONLINE Training on Accent Reduction to the students and working professionals. The curriculum helps the non-native English speakers to speak the language clearly and correctly.


    Astute professionals from the industry will be the Instructor during the training process. They will guide you through the basics and train you to speak English in a native accent.


    Important features of the Online Training Program on Accent Reduction:

    • Personalized 1-to-1 Live Online Sessions
    • Customized lesson plans based on student requirements
    • Learn how to articulate your tongue to pronounce various words
    • Tips & Techniques on how to speak in Native American Accent


    Utilize this wonderful opportunity and Sign Up today! One of our team members will get in touch with you at the earliest convenience. You can also simply call us at (888-719-5782) or Email us at (

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