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  • 3 Warm up tricks before singing
  • warm up singing tips

    Everyday we see musician thrive and create some unbelievable songs with their voice. Local Masters is currently working with wonderful and talented vocal instructors who are teaching many students everyday on how to properly sing. There are many useful steps to follow which our instructors can teach you. Make sure to find out more.


    It’s quite amazing to see some of these musicians singing day-in and day-out without having too much issues with their voice. They perform in front of thousands of people everyday and have the energy to output an awesome performance. Just take a look at artists such as Beyonce or Ariana Grande.

    However, behind the stage, these artists do take preliminary steps in warming up their vocal chords. They don’t just hop on stage without exercising their voice. Rather, they take hard precautions to make sure that they are in tip-top shape every day.

    Here are the 3 warm up tricks singers use before they perform

    1. Sing from the highest point of range to the lowest point of range

    This is where you start from the highest note you can reach to going down to the lowest note you can reach. This helps you grasp your voice and make quick adjustments when you need to. You can sing something silly such as, “auna mauna pia.” Sing this at the highest note you can hit all the way down to the lowest note you can hit.

    2. Drink some throat coat tea with added honey.

    This will help smooth your voice and provide you a soothing layer that will somewhat protect your vocal chords. A lot of professional musicians like to drink tea with added honey as they find it beneficial and can help reduce any inflammation that may be caused. Note, this isn’t a medical advice.

    3. Stretch out your diaphragm

    In most cases, most singers should sing using their diaphragm muscles. It is mostly incorrect to try and sing from the back of your throat. Rather, you want to stretch out your diaphragm with high pitched notes and get those singing muscles flexing in your stomach area.

    What people are saying about taking singing lessons with Local Masters

    “It’s been fun learning with Sabrina on how to extend my vocal reach. I was quite shy at the beginning singing in public but now I feel really confident to take any stage. I also didn’t have the correct posture when singing which is very important. She helped me improve on the little things which I really appreciate.”

    – Ashley

    “I’ve learned so much over the past few months with taking lessons with Local Masters. It’s literally been night and day when I compare where I was before the lessons and where I am at now. I am almost graduated from high school and look forward to joining the choir in college.”

    – Miranda

    “One of my long-time goals was to sing like Camila and so I decided to take up singing lessons with Local Masters. I believe it was a great choice as I’ve gotten a few steps closer to singing like her. She is super talented and I wish to reach her level one day.

    – Steph

My name is SJ Kim and I help provide tips, tricks, and helpful suggestions to improve your skill and activities. If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to reach out at any time!

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