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  • Advance Your Accent Skills & Learn To Utilize Last Words Of Sentences
  • Do you know how effectively the words and sentences play the most powerful role to change or worsen the situation? 

    We often communicate with other people at our workplace, in friends circle, social groups or at home without knowing how the conversation should move forward into the right direction. Sometimes, our statements do not get a positive response as expected. That doesn’t always happen due to a lack of a good American accent, sometimes people do not get the right material to continue on the subject. 

    When you can communicate with native American people in the American English accent, this is quite obvious they will respond. But, when you talk without a proper command over the subject and accent – the conversation might do not end fruitfully. 

    How can you advance your accent speaking skills by using the appropriate words?

    People often move to other countries for a better job or study perspective wherein they meet different types of people and learn about their culture, etc. The accent is the most sought-after condition if someone has to survive in that particular culture. 

    If you do not understand their accent, you cannot respond to them correctly. Let’s say if they might have used the English word ‘instance’ – and you couldn’t respond well because lacking in the English accent speaking technique that they use.  

    Moreover, in communication, the right words must be used to complete your statement at the right time. But, when you learn to use the right words to move your communication further, this could surely inspire others to communicate more often with you and give the conversation the right way to conclude. 

    Here is a small instance of how you can take your conversation further in case you want to communicate with the people around you. So, when somebody says the first sentence to you, this is how you can take the conversation get a green signal. 

    Have a look at the below-mentioned sentences. 

    Sentence #1 – I have to go to the gym more often.
    Sentence #2 – Often I think about the same thing.
    Sentence #3 – Thing is I’m really lazy.
    Sentence #4 – Lazy is just an excuse.
    Sentence #5 – Excuse me? That’s a bit rude. 

    Understand the power of words and just visualize how well your words could impact positively in making new sentences and also let your speaking skills get more recognition in a non-native countries. It also helps to make your English pronunciation and accent fluency gets better.  

    All of this could be possible when you develop a sense of efficacy in sentence-making with the last words that the other person could have used. Meanwhile, this could only happen when you take an accent reduction training being in non-native country. Because without a proper accent, you cannot even communicate with your fellows. The right communication could only take place when you know the accent fluency. 

    To initiate the right usage of words in the sentences, get a hold of an accent reduction course to advance your speaking skills. 

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