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  • Effective ‘Word Stress’ Examples To Advance Your Communication
  • In the English language, the rhythm, English accent pronunciation, grammar, tone, stress to be put on words play a significant role to let the real meaning of the sentence come out clearly. As you know without a proper meaning, no sentence is completed and this creates ambiguity to both readers or listeners.  

    With the perfect accent tips and flow, communication becomes effective when we try to express our thoughts clearly to the listener. It’s about the up and down pitch and tone in every sentence we speak that makes the difference. The pitch of your voice on certain words demonstrates your ability over the subject. The command on a sentence allow other listeners to hear where the emphasis has been put on particular words.  

    Let us show you some examples to go through and see how stress has been put on words that makes your communication in the English accent better and clearer. 

    Statement – I asked you to buy me a bunch of pink roses.

    Question 1: What did you ask me to buy?

    Answer: I asked you to buy me a bunch of pink roses.

    Question 2: Who asked me to buy a bunch of pink roses?

    Answer: I asked you to buy me a bunch of pink roses.

    Question 3: Whom did you ask to buy a bunch of pink roses?

    Answer: I asked you to buy me a bunch of pink roses.

    Question 4: What did you ask me to do?

    Answer: I asked you to buy me a bunch of pink roses

    So, when you pronounce some sentences in American English, the pitch fluctuates and that’s where you need to take control over your communication. It might look challenging but the pace, speed, the volume helps you to put the stress on words where it is required.

    Learn the special techniques with us to let people prefer to communicate with you in the American English accent.  

    If you are lacking in communication due to less known facts on how to put stress on certain words, it’s always better to go for an accent reduction course

    Get in touch with the best accent reduction coach in the USA at 

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