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    Communication is essential in every part of the world. You see people speaking to one another on a daily basis and is the key to human interaction. That’s why it is so important to learn how to properly speak in a public setting. Local Masters provides the ultimate course in public speaking and we encourage you to discover what we offer in terms of instructors, classes, and services.

    Public Speaking has been around since the BC era where the Greeks made it a priority to study the art of communication. The Ethos, Pathos, and Logos ideology is still taught in today’s modern society and is put to use everyday.

    Aristotle who was the most famous Greek Scholar defined rhetoric as the “faculty of discovering the possible means of persuasion in reference to any subject whatever.” This is where he devided the means of persuasion into three different parts:

    Ethos – The ethical appeal to convince an audience using authority or credibility as a means of persuasion.

    Ex. “As a Pediatrician I know that this medicine will provide positive results for your health. I recommend you take this medication.”

    Logos – Appeal to logic, Logos is a way to persuade an audience with reason and using facts.

    Ex. “This email you sent to Darlene proves you were digitally in contact with her.”

    Pathos – Appeal to emotion, Pathos is a way to convince an audience with emotional queues and responses in a convincing story.

    Ex. “These brave men just sacrificed their lives for us! Let us repay their sacrifice by working hard!”

    For more examples, you can check your dictionary.

    These three words carry great meaning in public speaking and provide a great foundation for your outline. While this was a quick overview, our experienced instructors can go in-depth and train you for any public circumstances.

    We see many public speakers in government and executive positions leverage ethos, pathos, and logos every day. Whether in a work scenario or a town hall meeting, they leverage their credibility, emotions, and logic to convey the end goal and message.

    There has to be meaning to why you are speaking in most circumstances and its great to have a handle on the technical side. Make sure to check out our courses and lessons in public speaking.


My name is SJ Kim and I help provide tips, tricks, and helpful suggestions to improve your skill and activities. If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to reach out at any time!

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