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  • Learn The Idealistic Traits of Speaking American English
  • English has become one of the most sought-after languages worldwide as almost all countries have adopted it as the first or second official language to communicate. Many countries have made English as a skill to check an individual’s fluency and command of the language. 

    We do understand it should not be considered for checking one’s ability and tendency to showcase work skills. However, that’s enough if you want to survive in countries like the USA where knowing English isn’t enough. Instead, your ability to speak a fluent American accent is what counts at the end. 

    When you speak and write a clear American accent English, it happens to be your most advantageous side for an easy and effective communication with native Americans. After all, it’s the accent pronunciation which won’t let you face any issues in listening and speaking fluently with the native American people. 

    Special quirks of English make you well-versed with the most important accent tips.  Here are some pointers which could help you understand the sentences and where the stress should be emphasized while speaking a sentence.  

    Just go through these pointers and make a reading practice daily to develop a flawless American English accent


    1. The one who needs to shed weight should follow a strict diet
    2. It was a miracle that everyone survived this horrific accident.
    3. An ambulance quickly arrived at the place of an accident on the highway border.
    4. Shawn used the broom to sweep the dirty floor. 
    5. Mostly children tend to outgrow so quickly to fit their older clothes.  
    6. The popular music band in New York sounds like a soothing aura. 
    7. Passengers are permitted to board the jet after passing through a security check.
    8. Mangoes become sweet and juicy when they are ripe. 
    9. It looks impossible to invite every colleague to the party. 
    10. Merry began to feel faint when she heard that her close friend just died in an accident. 


    After going through these above-mentioned pointers, we are sure you got an idea how you will make the sentences and speak flawlessly the US accent. It’s critically important to know the special quirks of speaking English in American accent whether you are a student or have gone to America for work purposes.  

    That’s why most Asians and people from other countries/ regions go for an accent reduction course in America to get flawless English speaking accent tips.

    To know the special quirks of American English, join the master class of accent reduction and be an American speaker within just 8 weeks. 
    Log onto and join the course to develop American accent speaking traits. 


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